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Best Personal Finance Blogs in India 2018

personal finance blogs

If you go over the web there are plenty of people who are offering tips in the finance sector about personal finance. According to me Only a handful though routinely offer a solid advice. These related blogs compile my weekly roundup of great personal finance advice from around the web.

I have been in this area for a while, met some amazing personal finance bloggers in India. I could easily list the top 10 personal finance blogs in India 2018, but I wanted to narrow it down to 15 finance blogs you may not know. I have compiled a list of personal finance blogs in India 2018 except for my own MessyMob.

If you are looking for the best personal finance blogs which can help you to take financial decisions, If Yes! Then this article will help you in finding the best finance blogging sites. Here are top 15 personal finance blogs in India 2018.

Monthly Traffic Analysis: –  Here we have described the average monthly traffic gain by each finance blog. We have used accurate a tool ‘similar web’ to analysis traffic. Similar Web is a web analytics tool which provides complete information about a website traffic.

Here are the best personal finance blogs list in India 2018

  • ApnaPlan by Amit Kumarbest personal finance blogs in india
  • JagoInvestor by Manish Chauhan
  • Money Excel by Raviraj
  • SubraMoney by P V Subramanyam
  • Get Money Rich by Manish Choudhary
  • OneMint by Manshu
  • Finance Duniya Srikanta Kundu
  • Basu Nivesh by Basu Nivesh
  • Safal Niveshak Safal Niveshak
  • TFL Guide by Hemant Beniwal
  • Relakhs by Shrikanth
  • Chartered Club by Karan Batra
  • My Investment Ideas by Suresh Kumar
  • Fin Gyan by Neetu Sehgal
  • Alpha Ideas by Raoji

ApnaPlan a personal finance blog run by Amit Kumar, an MBA guy having a lot of certifications from NSE. He writes everything related to Mutual Funds, Insurance, Stocks, FD & RDs, Loans, Taxes etc. As a certified financial planner, his aim to educate others in finance sectors.

Monthly Traffic: –  162.22K


Jago Investor is an awesome personal finance blog by Manish Chauhan, started in 2008. Through this blog, he shares valued information for visitors about mutual funds investment, money saving and Tax planning. In Jago Investor Manish Chauhan is trying to ‘demystify’ the Financial Planning ethics.

Monthly Traffic: – 223.11K

Money Excel 

It an another top personal finance blog in India owned by Raviraj. He started blogging with a view that ‘even urban India consumers are less aware of financial planning’. Now he excels in writing about financial planning, real estate, business, gold, stock market etc.

Monthly Traffic: – 431.3K


SubraMoney owned by P V Subramanyam, a Chartered Accountant. In his life career, he has trained thousands of people in mutual funds, life insurance, private sectors and money big companies. SubraMoney conducts workshops in financial planning within corporate to help employees in better saving and better investment.

Monthly Traffic: – 38.21K

Get Money Rich 

Get Money Rich started by Manish Choudhary, he is project Manager and manages construction parts of steel plants. Although is not from finance field but share good information about personal finance, stock market, real estate, gold, business and mutual funds.

Monthly Traffic: – 152.97K


Manshu is the blogger behind the OneMint. OneMint started out as “Mint” as a name of a computer in the network of computers later converted to OneMint. His blog helps You to make Better Financial Decisions.

Monthly Traffic: – 180.93K

Finance Dunia

Finance Dunia is run by a professional blogger Srikanta Kundu. He writes daily financial news like car loan, home loan, education loan, life insurance, car insurance, fixed deposit, mutual funds, provident fund, stock marketing.

Monthly Traffic: – 15K

Basu Nivesh

BasuNivesh aim of educating each individual in dealing with their financial life. Through his blog, he aware about mis-selling which may come into anyone life at any time through any means. This is completely personal finance blog.

Monthly Traffic: –  385.72K

Safal Niveshak

This personal finance blog consists the stories of successful investors all around the world. It conducts interviews with many investors in India. The owner Safal Niveshak also help small investors to become intelligent, independent and successful in stock market investment decisions.

Monthly Traffic: – 83.97K

TFL Guide 

This is Teach Finance Literacy guide blog run by Hemant Beniwal, the financial advisor at Ark Financial Planners. Through TFL guide he helps to prevent mis-selling in financial planning, investment, gold and other stuff.

Monthly Traffic: – 70.52K


Shrikanth is blogger behind the, a certified financial planner. His main aim to present the information on the financial topics like insurance, car loan, home loan, banking service in simple and easy manner.

Monthly Traffic: – 445.16k

Chartered Club 

Chartered Club was officially started by Karan Batra in 2009. He is also visiting faculty member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in India. The main aim to aware every one of the tax and help them to manage their taxes in better ways.

Monthly Traffic: – 1.40M

My Investment Ideas 

Suresh Kumar from Hyderabad behind this best personal finance blog since 2011. He has experience of more than 15 years in planning and investing. At blog he writes about his financial experiments in Mutual funds, Stocks, saving ideas.

Monthly Traffic: – 415.63K

Fin Gyan 

FinGyan is authored by Neetu Sehgal. Through the blog, she explains all common financial terms and solves all local issue in real estate in NCR. Her blogs help you to keep yourself updated with the new terms using in the fast-moving financial world.

Monthly Traffic: – 53.71K

Alpha Ideas

An investment and personal finance blog for the Indian markets started by Raoji. Through his blog trying to help common people in the various types of investment plans. Alpha Ideas consists link-fests, cartoons, videos, tweets, podcasts, excerpts, research reports.

Monthly Traffic: – 43.06K

These personal finance blogs in India stand out from the pack.  I think each one of these blogs is perfect. You should at least be subscribed to if you want to keep yourself updated about latest happening in the fast-changing financial market.

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