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Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs in India 2018

top 10 personal finance bloggers in india 2018

Isn’t this era too much about social media? Lots of Magazines, Facebooks, TVs, Twitter to get financial information. But, does that suffice? This is when we feel the need for a financial blog. The financial blog is an online journal that gives pieces of information and news about the finance industry. They also let us know about stock analysis based on technical and fundamental principles. These Personal Finance blogs become a medium for investors to discuss their thoughts regarding latest news. This article will provide with Best 10 personal Finance blogs in India.

Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs in India in 2018

    It focuses on all categories and types of taxes. You can get the latest information regarding Notification, Amendments, Circular or even Case Laws. The amendments can be in Wealth Tax, MVAT, Income Tax, DVAT, PVAT, Service Tax, ICAI Regulation, Company Law, FEMA, RBI, DGFT, SEZ, Customs Duty, Excise, ICSI Regulation,  Corporate Law, Goods, and Service Tax, CMA Regulation, Labour laws.
    You can also look at different tools and forms in excel or word format regarding tax laws.
    It is extremely useful for Chartered Accountants, Tax Professional, Company Secretaries, and Cost Accountants.
    This online community is for CA students and CA’s. The members interact and share knowledge. They post queries, articles, jobs, resources. You can always find the latest trend of CA community here.
    Other information regarding taxation and personal finance of common man is also shared.
    It has various articles on corporate and business news, mutual funds, and stock markets. There are also classroom sessions for the investors. You can find good articles on personal finance which includes taxes, investments, banking, and PPF.
    It is available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telegu. It is one of the channels of and is now known as One India Money.
    A lot of personal finance topics like insurance, tax planning, home loans, mutual funds, stock markets, banking services, gold etc. The article is published once every week. Sreekanth, Certified Financial Planner is in charge of the website. He is one of the best Finance bloggers and has ReLakhs Financial Services firm in Bangalore. He provides with Property Consultancy, Financial Counselling and Tax Planning Services there.
    It provides information regarding EPF, PPF, Investing avenues, Fill Form 15G, Credit debt, and loan. You can look there for guidelines regarding filling income tax form.
    It comes out 1-2 per week. Kriti, one of the Finance bloggers in India and women-software engineer runs it.
    It focuses on tax planning, tax saving, insurance and provident fund, stock and mutual fund investing. There are financial calculators like PPF Maturity Amount, Pension Calculator, EPF Contribution Calculator, NSC Interest Calculator. There are 2-3 posts coming out weekly.
    Chandrakant Mishra runs it and says: “PlanMoneyTax is Blog that helps YOU to lead a more fulfilling life. Earn More, Save More and Enjoy More.”
    You can find information regarding personal finance, mutual funds, insurance, credit cards and EPF account.
    There is one article coming up each week.
    Manish Chauhan and Nandish Desai, present in top bloggers list run it. Manish Chauhan is a financial coach conducting workshops. Nandish Desai is a financial coach and an author.
    There is also Jagoinvestor School which can help you improve your financial life.
    Some books of Manish Chauhan are: 16 Personal Finance Principles Every Investor Should Know, Jago Investor: Change your Relation with Money.
    It provides with information regarding taxation, amendments in Tax and applications.
    There are 3-4 posts coming every week.
    The website says, ” It is run by Team of energetic Tax professionals & Taxpayers, having positive approach to provide problem solution & to share our experiences and Knowledge in the field of Income-tax, Service Tax Excise and other Financial Matters”
    It focuses on Personal finance like insurance, investment, banking, mutual fund, tax planning, EPF, PPF.
    There are 1-2 posts weekly.
    Basavaraj Tonagatti runs it who is Certified Financial Planner. He says, “It is an initiative started with the aim of educating each individual in dealing their financial life, making aware about mis-selling which may come into your life at any time through any means.”
    It blogs about investment, personal finance, financial planning, real estate, insurance, the stock market.
    There are 2-3 posts daily.
    Raviraj Prakash, finance graduate and experienced in Insurance and Finance manages it with Shitanshu Kapadia who is an engineer.


We have discussed the top 10 personal finance blogs in India and some of the Finance bloggers in India. If you had any confusion or lack of information regarding financial solutions, you can refer to these personal tech blogs. In 2018, get the best advice!

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    I would recommend to visit website: at-least once and also to add this financial blog also your post.

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