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Top 10 Tech Blogs in India 2017-18

Technology has transformed our lives like never before. This niche has been attracting people across different spheres and demographics. With the most influential people out there from Jeff Bezos to Elon Musk hailing from this technology domain; the admiration is justified. While many are enchanted by this; few know where to reach out for the most recent and authentic information. This is where the best technology bloggers fill the demand supply gap.

Personal tech blogs have been somewhat of a rage off late. From what differentiates iPhone 8 from X to how Blockchain is making the world go around; there is a plethora of content out there. What makes the best tech bloggers stand out is their approach and sense of understanding of these issues. If you’re passionate about technology and wondering how to stay updated with all the trends following the top 10 tech blogs in India 2018 is your best bet.

Here we have curated a list of the top ten personal tech blogs in India. Follow them to know about all that’s right and wrong with the market and what is causing havoc across the globe!

top 10 tech blogs in india1. Introducing Shout Me Loud by Harsh Agarwal

If there is anyone out there who has looked at blog posts related to tech; he is sure to have come across Harsh Agrawal. The blog has close to a million subscribers and the number says it all! What started as a tiny endeavor on Harsh’s part to understand technology better is today taking the world of blogging by storm. click here to visit.

2. Digital Inspiration led by Amit Agrawal

Amit Agarwal; a former IIT graduate personifies passion for technology. If there’s any update on WordPress, Apple, etc. you’re sure to know about it right here! Click here to visit

3. Blogger Tips Tricks by Ankit Kumar Singla 

This blog is owned and marketed by the SEO Guru himself. A run to resource for all successful bloggers out there; his tool recommendation blog posts are most famous. Click here to visit

4. Srinivas Tamada from 9Lessons

This tech blogs has his own unique offering in the market covering almost all aspects of programming out there; this man is known for his comprehensive tutorials. Be it CSS, Web Design, jQuery AJAX etc. you can find information on all of the above right here! Click here to visit

5. The mastermind behind Tech PP is Raju PP

The blog was mentioned amongst the 151 Top Tech Indians by Exhibit magazine in May 2011. With a special focus on consumer technology; this blog offers its own frills to the industry. click here to visit

6. Geetesh Bajaj is changing the way the world presents with Indezine

A blog solely dedicated to Microsoft PowerPoint hacks and utilities; this man identifies his niche quite well. All forms of software’s that can be used to make your presentations more emphatic find a mention here with their complete details.

7. Rajesh Namse from Tech Lila

This makes it our list at number seven Known extensively for a variety of tech tips and tricks; the variety this blog offers knows no boundaries. This blog has a lot of guest posts from the who’s who of the industry. With a team of 6 people managing this blog; it definitely is amongst the top tech blogs in India

8. Root Update by Harsh Chauhan

Most reviewers have described this as the encyclopedia for tech trends and news. Whatever is news about Android, IOS or OSX; every latest track finds a mention here.

9. Guiding Tech by Abhijit Mukherjee

This blog majorly focuses on consumer experience stories and believes in uncovering the truth about technology. Consumer tech, science and culture form the niche.

10. Labnol by Amit Agarwal

A few years back he left is well cushioned job to pursue professional blogging. His blog majorly looks at trends in social media based technology. If you’re looking for any inspiration about this niche; this is the blog you need to go to. click here to visit

For every technology freak and tech dude out there; these men right here are a real inspiration. They have transformed how the world perceives them by shining as the best tech bloggers in India. Each of these bloggers was handpicked based on their quality, web ranking and expertise. We hope they continue to shine.


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