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Top 20 Lifestyle Blogs in India You Should Follow 2018

top lifestyle blogs 2018

Your life can’t be perfect, but your lifestyle can be! Life is too short not to wear stylish clothes, attractive decor, dazzling shoes and exotic makeup. To make our journey beautiful, it is important to have great food, fashion and lots of travel. The best lifestyle blogs or lifestyle bloggers can give you lot of motivation to fill colors to your life.

Some of these finest things come to people’s life naturally and others need to collect the equipment, money required to go for them. There are people who give us lifestyle goals and we have bought the best lifestyle bloggers in India to you so that you can get your life mantra. Their style tips, travelogues, fashion updates and exotic recipes are all that you need to follow. Let us see top 20 best lifestyle blogs or bloggers in India.

  1. Style Drive by Ayushi Bangur (

    Everyone’s favorite Ayushi Bangur has a lot to say about how to live in style and be modish and chic. She is gorgeous and can carry any outfit like a diva. She is one of the best lifestyle blogger in India.

  2. Naina (

    If you want to see any luxury photos and the lifestyle full of fashion and fun, visit this beautiful lifestyle blog. There are lot of stills, portraits, models and picturesque destinations on her blog which will make you awe.

  3. Republic of Chic (

    Ruhi Sheikh’s lifestyle blog will  make you passionate to have the stylish lifestyle for sure. There are style mantras, make up tutorials will change your way of looking towards fashion. Her travel photography is a must visit.

  4. That Desi Girl (

    You can see very beautiful pictures and a pretty face on her blog, there is a lot of information about casual street style as well as high street fashion. She is one of the best fashion or lifestyle blogger in India.

  5. Akanksha Redhu  (

    If you want to go to fashion shows and weeks, music concerts, showcases of seasonal collections and meet and greets? Welcome to this beautiful lifestyle blog!

  6. Stylish By Nature (

    You will find her details about her beauty secret, hottest and latest trends, gourmet advice, events, fashion guides and even Bollywood style. If you are a foodie, you can also visit this blog. Also, she reviews food festivals herself by going to different hotels. She is also one of the best lifestyle blogger in India.

  7. Purushu Arie (

    This fashion designer and stylist provides essential details of fashion. His blog is also one of the top best 5 fashion blogs in India in 2015 by Blogadda.

  8. Guilty Bytes  (

    This blog has everything you are looking for. Starting from lifestyle, fashion, Bollywood gossip, bridal look guide, food reviews she has everything. If still not satisfied, you can visit love and relationships column!

  9. Confessionz of a Closet (

    Starting from traditional and vintage look to street style with stylish accessories and outfits, she provides with everything. There are also product reviews which you can rely on.

  10. Gia Says That (

    From reviewing beauty products to teaching how to get stunning looks for a particular occasion, her blog has everything. There are a lot of DIYs for home treatment as well as make up within budget!

  11. The Style Cocktail (

    The pretty young girl provides with most classy and trending clothes. The fashion sense is amazing and she can help you to improve your personal style and taste of choices as well!. One is the best lifestyle blogger

  12. Stylefiesta Diaries (

    She just doesn’t run a blog about fashion but also has a brand. Style Fiesta is an e-commerce site that has great accessories and clothes.

  13. Ms Coco Queen (

    Our fashionista has a lot of views and perception regarding fashion and style. Her blog has a how-to section where you can see her videos about makeup, outfits.

  14. Vanity No Apologies (

    She has a spunky style and her tips on brands and trends as well as beauty tips are all to be taken.

  15. All She Needs (

    She shows a life full of fashion, fun, and fiesta. You can look like a diva by following her make up trends.

  16. Rasshi Gaur (

    You can find everything here including information about designers, jewelry, latest collections, events, and shoes. There are also travelogues.

  17. Magali Vaz (

    If you want to see amazing photographs and music concerts, visit her lifestyle blog!

  18. Jasleen & Sonu (

    You can get style inspirations, wardrobe information and even hot trends on her blog.

  19. Manvi Gandotra (

    You can see lifestyle, luxury, fashion, dining, destinations in her blogs.

  20. Payal & Priyanka (

    Their fashion sense is something every woman should take a note and men can go awe.

Always be in fashion because life is too short not to enjoy. You can follow any of the given lifestyle blogs above to maintain a lifestyle. Just go through their account and let us know who is your best Lifestyle bloggers in India. Follow our best lifestyle blogs in 2018 to be in vogue!

What are you waiting for? If you have your own lifestyle blog and want to list, mention in the comment section. We will include you as lifestyle influencers  in India. Stay Tuned!!

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