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10 Reasons Why Prague is Always Amazing Travel Destination


I have noticed that many people look forward to visit Prague but in general, they are not sure. Thanks to poor marketing of their travel agencies or maybe Czech Republic itself, people don’t know that much about their capital city. Czechs are like that, they don’t like to brag much about what they have. Because of that, I will share you my top 10 reasons why you should Prague whenever you find some time as it is simply amazing travel destination.

Cheapest Capital in Europe

Believed it or not, it is true that Prague is cheapest capital city in Europe to visit. To be honest, I was not checking Krakow prices but on between most popular cities Prague is the cheapest. Add to this cheap public transport, affordable beer and food. In any case, Prague is biggest bang for a buck for sure. There is so much to visit and explore, there is no chance that you will see it all during a trip.

Largest Castle Complex in the World

Guinness Book of Records recognized Prague Castle (Pražský hrad) as the largest castle complex in the world. I must say that it is really unbelievable place that covers more than 70000 square meters. If you really want to explore it properly, try climbing all the stairs to the square and visit famous St. Vitus Cathedral. Stroll around the squares, visit official offices of the President and wait for the guards to change.

Architectural Masterpieces

In case that you are interested in architecture in Europe during the last 1000 years, anything you imagine can be seen in Prague. From romanesque chapels, Gothic cathedrals, cellars, Baroque buildings and palaces, gardens to Art Nouveau buildings. Pretty much everything that was going on in Europe can be seen there. Well, even if you are not interested in architecture you will be blown away by all the magnificent buildings that you will see. Most European capitals were rebuilt during 17th and 18th century but Prague was left untouched. Moreover, during WWII buildings in the city remained intact.

Famous Charles Bridge

Visiting and strolling across Charles Bridge is free in Prague. Well, visiting most of the places is free but visiting this magnificent masterpiece is priceless. This is main reason why every tourist will go across it sooner or later. It can be crowded but it is really worth it. Charles Bridge is built in 14th century and it is one of the most breathtaking bridges in the world. On the both sides of the bridge, you may see 30 statues of saints. It is build from sandstone blocks and connects fortified towers on each end – Lesser Tower and Old Town Tower.

 600 year old Astronomical Clock (The Orloj)

One of the most famous and interesting sights in Prague is astronomical clock that is installed in 1410. It is magnificent masterpiece of engineering located in Old Town Square that shows position of the sun and moon and various astronomical details. Every hour you may watch interesting “Walk of the Apostles” that shows figures of Apostles and other moving sculptures. At the end, Deaths represented by skeleton strikes the time that reminds us that life is constantly moving and that by every passing hour we are closer to our death.

Taste the Flavors of Czech Cuisine

My honest recommendation for everyone is to take a room in a hotel with breakfast while staying in Prague. In most hotels, breakfast is open buffet and interesting chance to try interesting dishes. Of course, don’t expect something extravagant. Appreciate simple breakfast with Czech bread, smoked meat and cheese. For a lunch, jump in a pub during a stroll around the city and order pork ribs, roast pork with dumplings or schnitzel to get you going during a day. Try specialties like pickled cheese while you are in a pub. For dinner, just put a finger on a menu and your head will get blown away whatever they get you. Also, don’t skip on deserts!


Talking about Prague and Czech Republic without mentioning their crazy selection of beer would be a sacrilege! To be honest, if I make a mistake here I will get on a wall of shame once I get back there and they will make me drink all the beers that I failed to mention for sure. Considering their beer tradition that dates back from 10th century, Prague is best place in the world to drink this amazing bewareage. Just mentioning all of them would take a lot of time, but I will mention Kozel, Krušovice, Budweiser, Staropramen and Pilsner Urquell. You need to try them all so take a break and enjoy.

Czechs are Totally Funny

While I was in Prague, I had a privilege to spend some time with people that really know and understand Czech people. I have heard so many interesting stories but there is the one that make me laugh every time. There was a situation when artists protested against their President by changing a flag on president’s office with huge red boxer shorts. I must say that it is totally hilarious! They are also well known for the pottery. During September, you may visit one of the greatest pottery festivals.

Amazing Craftsmanship

One of the things that Czech people are proud of is their craftsmanship. Thanks to long history and magnificent skills, people all over the world heard about Bohemian crystal glasses and art glass. Its mouth-blown glass!

Cruise on Vltava river

Looking at Prague landscape, buildings and bridges from the castle is surely interesting experience. On the other hand, seeing it from the other perspective while cruising on Vltava river is something different. Away from the crowd, while sailing on the calm Vltava river you can see old buildings and sights from a different angle. At the price of €15 to €30, considering that you can get a lunch or dinner as well, its not that expensive. Taking a night cruise during summer months is totally incredible experience. Just imagine, sitting on a river cruiser holding a beer or luxury wine glass made by Bohemian craftsmen, sipping preferred beverage while watching reflections of medieval city.

Every corner, every building and every statue in Prague has the story behind it. In order to understand this magnificent gem of Europe a little bit better you need to spend some time in it. Every time you go there, you will learn something new and inspiring that will call you to get back and explore it more. One more thing, Czech Republic is rated as one of the safest places to visit in the world with low crime rate and friendly people.

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