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5 Hill Stations You Should Not Miss Out in India

5 hill stations you should not miss in india

We’re all mountain lovers; there’s no denying that, everyone would readily swap the scorching heat for the cool weather and endless rains of many of these stations, or maybe even snowfall. Recent incidents of bad weather have certainly tarnished the appeal for many of these players especially since monsoon is just around the corner.

We all would agree that slippery roads and the fear of landslides might make them risky and inaccessible, but that’s not a stop for a mountain lover. There are many stations that become even better with a bit or more of rain, which bring out the best of them. To set your trip this summer, here’s a list of 5 hill stations you should not miss out on.

1. Nainital:


A prime example of what happens to a place due to poverty, this Kumaon land has lures of various colours. In Uttarakhand, this small town by the hills receives a footfall of millions of tourist’s year after year. Filled with valleys, lush greeneries, lakes, snowy mountains and much more, it is perfect to relax trouble modern souls.

The Naini Lake is one of the major attractions at this station, and the scenery beauty it offers is something you must see, and boating in the lake or picnics around it while capturing the breath-taking views of the mountains is mesmerizing. The Naina Peak is the highest peak in town and a spot for trekkers to enjoy their love while taking in the beauty of nature and the town.

You can find comfy accommodation in advance and for cheap thanks to the latest Goibibo coupons. There’s also a trip in the cable car on offer to give unforgettable views, while you can also visit the governor’s house, the tiffin top, and many more places.

2. Manali:


Looking for a minor pilgrimage, then nothing beats Manali. At an elevation of 2050m, the cold town is covered with snow most of the time. This is one of the few hill stations that holds a special place in the hearts of honeymooners. It is great to be both under the blessing of God and nature while developing their relations.

Anyone who is familiar with Hidimba from Mahabharata can even imagine that she can have a temple. It is surrounded by Cedar forest which makes it manifold times beautiful and is a major attraction.

Another experience one must have is the water baths, with the cold surrounding and the hot water making the perfect retreat that you can’t miss. They Vashisht hot water spring offers sulphurous water claimed to have healing powers for skin problems. One can bathe in the modern bathhouses or the temple. There are also two waterfalls on the way to Rohtang Pass, Rozy, and Rahala, both of which can be enjoyed.

3. Darjeeling:


Located in West Bengal, the state of Intellects, it is famous for its Tea plantations, the toy train, and the cold misty romantic surroundings. Listed as a World Heritage site, Darjeeling Himalaya Railways holds its share of special lovers. The ride in the toy train is a memorable one and is the reason to return to the hill station again.

The Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park, also known as the Himalayan Zoo, is a nice place to learn about the various flora and fauna found in the Himalayas. With a minimal amount required for the ticket, it is a great place to spend your day. The photographers must visit the Tiger Hill to capture the Kanchenjunga and the golden dawn in the very first rays of the day, a magical moment to capture.

One can also visit the Nightingale Park, best visited in the evening. It is cosy and special after sunset, and one can enjoy the entertainment programs that are included during the peak tourist seasons. Some other Places of interest include the Observatory Hill, Batashiya Loop, Singallia National Park and others.

4. Mahabaleshwar:



Have been to Maharashtra and feel you’ve seen it all? Then think again, most probably you have missed the Mahabaleshwar hill station. If you have, then what better time to visit it than now, when you’re already planning a trip. The town, renowned for its evergreen forests, is at the elevation of 1353m. A favourite for the locals, the place offers heavenly sanctuary to its visitors.

The old Lord Shiva temple, a prime attraction of the place, also makes it a spot of Pilgrimage as the temple holds great importance for the followers. It is believed to be the source of the five rivers which are Venna, Koyana, Savitri, Gayathri, and Krishna. The place also has attractive viewpoints which famously provide panoramic views of the station.

They are a paradise for a photographer and they’ve names which are fun to know like Arthur’s seat, Lodwick point or the Sydney points and others. Find yourself a room at the Surya resorts with the latest Goibibo coupons and capture the Lingamala Waterfalls right from your room. Other places of Interest are Needle Hole point, tapola, Panchgani, which is another hill station and others. If you’re a photographer, a pro or just in for fun, nonetheless this is the one spot your lens shouldn’t miss, and you can be sure of returning with a lot of beautiful photos.

5. Munnar:


Munnar is the hill station that marks its presence in one of the most popular states of south India, that is Kerala. The place is a nature lover’s paradise thanks to the tea plantations, which adds to its unparalleled beauty. Find cheap airway or train tickets, and save big on your accommodations, by availing some travel offers.

One can visit the Atukkad Waterfalls, located close to the tourist town, just a couple of Kilometre’s away. The place is crowded, but never to the point of intrusion. Then there’s the Hydel Park, also known as the Blossoms park, and as the name tells, the park is beautiful, most of the time in the year. Just 3KMs away from the town, the location is made iconic by the banks of the River Muthirappuzha.

Beautiful Landscapes, Gardens, boating, Iodilic by the banks of the river ,Gardens, boating, birding and artificial waterfalls are enough to makes it something you can’t miss out on, a retreat from the hectic life. If you made it to Mannar, might as well visit the Rajamalai National park, famous for its endangered species, while you can also spot Tigers and Macaques. There’s also a special flower here that blossoms only once every 12 years.

Those were the top 5 Stations that we believe are the best of the lot and should be prioritized before you move on to some other movie. Find your way there with the best of offers to save big make sure you visit at least one of these places this summer, because unsurprisingly, they’re worth it.

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