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5 Ways to Spot a Perfect Colocation Data Centre

Colocation Data Centre

For many decision makers serving the corporate sector, selecting a colocation provider can be a time-taking and challenging. Once there were fewer options but in the past years, colocation data centre is now a preferred option for many companies.

Organisations choose the service provider after careful research and only that which is capable to fulfil the needs. Environment of a colocation centre offer numerous benefits for enterprises but only when it’s able to address current IT issues and meet specific requirements.

Several factors must be considered by administrators when selecting a colocation data centre whereas the final decision rests on the level and quality of vendor service. Let’s have a look at some of the best practices for businesses to spot in a perfect colo vendor!

Type of services required

Most importantly, decision-makers should come clear on the types of services expected from data centres that may include specifics about the colocation environment, equipment being used, types of machines or components a business should lay on the table to get a head start so on. The scope of services offered is an important criterion as it helps in fostering healthy relationship and a long-lasting partnership.

On the contrary, there’re a few organisations that solely need colocation because they already have other vendors taking care of different things and outlining pertinent solutions. This is the reason defining the level of services is important as final outcome is measured on this particular factor!


Gartner pointed that geographical location of a data centre facility is extremely important for a business, laying a huge impact on overall operations and tendency to address certain obstacles such as network latency, data sovereignty and disaster recovery so on.

When analysing the location, it’s important considering how terrestrial placement affect overall services. Look for colocation data centre site with low risk for weather anomalies such as hurricanes, severe thunder storms, tornadoes as well as other physical barriers to ensure maximum uptime.

Level of uptime

Uptime is another critical factor worth examining and its crucial asking the service provider about previous track record of delivering 100-percent critical system uptime after a certain disaster or flaw. This is because downtimes aren’t just unproductive but costly for businesses. A general study concluded that a particular organisation may lose around $8,000 per hour during downtime due to inaccessible resources and content.

Overall design and infrastructure of a data centre has a huge impact on uptime but human biasness and negligence also fuel downtime to a certain degree. Key decision-makers and dignitaries of a particular organisation must ensure total time a colocation provider can provide 100-percent backup over its electrical and mechanical systems as well as uptime. Ask about previous incidents relevant to planned and unplanned downtime with overall countermeasure strategies.

Process & strategies for facility’s maintenance

Data centre management and maintenance is another critical consideration to factor in the equation. Service providers must be able to display their practices for data centre infrastructure management that includes upkeep of essential systems providing cooling and power backup.

There should be an adequate oversight and planned of the entire facility, its components and operational measures to ensure cropping issues the moment they come to mitigate downtime as much as possible.

Monitoring primary data points throughout the critical system infrastructure allow data centre operators to become acquainted with the ever changing conditions while proactively looking into the capacities, trending parameters and taking informed decisions.

Level of oversight clients have within the colocation data centre

Enterprises should carefully look into level of control and oversight to manage the entire process and colocation centre as a whole. Key decision makers should query on the remote managing capabilities and how a provide reports to clients on which a data centre services are measured.


All the above factors help in finding a perfect colocation service provider that ensures smooth business procedure without downtime and other flaws.

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