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6 Not to Forget Items When Packing for Your Next Vacation

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There is no doubt that just reading the word vacation would be the reason for that smile on your face. This could be either because of the flashbacks you are getting of your previous holiday as you are reading this article or you are thinking of a possible one in the near future. Vacations are the best way to get out of the weekly monotonous zone and recharge yourself to get you going. If I am being completely honest, these little vacations are one of the few things most of us look forward to and keep us motivated.

Even though all of us spend months planning our perfect vacay, there are still things that skip our mind or we deem them to be not too important to stuff our bags. Hence, I thought listing these things would make for very efficient use of my time and make my planning for those future trips a lot less time consuming.

Without wasting any more words, here is the breakdown of things that one should definitely pack for one of those ‘you never know moments’:

An extra suitcase

I know this might be confusing but this is one of the most important things if you are planning to go nuts while shopping on your vacay. An extra bag comes in very handy when you have a suitcase already full of your belongings and nothing to carry that enormous pile of shopping you did without thinking ahead.

As they say, you learn everything from experience, I learned this while I was in Barcelona with my girlfriend. Having no plans of shopping initially and then suddenly going on a shopping spree, ranging from corsets to boots to full-blown dresses, a suitcase was the additional item we had to put on that list. This should be on top your list if shopping is one of your main to-dos while travelling.

Photocopied set of your documents

An intelligent traveler knows that carrying an extra set of your documents is a must in case you lose the original. These documents would be a passport, driver’s license and the medical insurance. Not that you won’t have to make round trips to your respective embassies in case you lose your passport, but it would make the process a lot faster and more efficient.

A set of passport size photographs won’t hurt as well. These are very crucial in some cities where you may need them for your travel passes (Paris, for instance) and other recreational events.

First-aid kit and Medical supplies

No one wants to think of anything terrible happening to anyone when you are out of your city having a good time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t happen. Solution? Go prepared. A first-aid kit is an absolute necessity and something one cannot simply ignore. There are a lot of things that might not go your way which may spoil the rest of your trip. For instance, taking a road trip, on a bike witnessing the country view is bound to give you a backache. Therefore, to take care of motorcycle pains you need to have a right kit handy.

If you are on any kind of medication, make sure you have the prescriptions of the same for at least 3 days more than your length of stay. You don’t want to run out of your supplies and then not being able to buy in case of emergency.

Emergency contact details

This is very crucial for the solo travelers who live to explore new worlds and “find themselves” in these little trips. Before going all spiritual, make sure you make a list of all your contacts in case a tragedy befalls you. That tragedy being losing your phone or better, getting your phone stolen. Trust me, you can’t thank yourself enough for taking this measure because the only worse thing than losing your phone is not being able to contact anyone after that.

A Dry Sack

For all of you adventure seekers out there, this a must. These bags are indispensable when it comes to protecting your electronics in case it rains or you manage to slip into the river because let’s face it, you can. I learned this the hard way when a trek cost me my phone’s display and my charger. If anything, it acts as an extra pouch and knowing my camera is safe and dry gives me another sense of relief.

Your Financial data

This includes all your passwords related to bank accounts and credentials needed for you to log-in to make necessary changes. Why would you need it? Well, there have been cases where travelers lose their stuff, including wallets and credit cards. In order to access your bank account, for blocking cards and withdrawing money, you would want to keep those credentials within reach as a soft copy or a printed copy safely.

Carrying an extra credit card just in case of need also proves to be useful for keeping things managed and under control.

There must be a million of other things out there which are a must-have while traveling. But, I’m sure just like I learned from my experience, you’d do the same.

Keep rocking!!


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