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6 Surprising Health Benefits of Red Wine

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Red wine is what we prefer to have with a nice meal, crave for it after a long and tiring day, even gatherings are incomplete without it.

A glass of vino helps us alleviate our mood, de-stress and feel refreshed. What’s exciting is moderate consumption of this grape extract is extremely good for health.

For those of you who are well aware of the correlation between good health and a glass of red wine a day, and those of you are smiling while reading this, read further to know exactly how and why our favourite red wine is such a boon.

Before talking about the health benefits, let me talk a little about quantity. It is important to understand that only the right pour sizes (approximately one glass/day for women, and two for men) are beneficial, and over-drinking can nullify all these health benefits.

In addition to its rich taste, red wine also has particular compounds that reap benefits for the human heart, body and mind.

Resveratrol- a compound found in the skin of grapes and other berries is amply present in wine. A Harvard medical school study indicated that it increases the activity of a compound by revving up the mitochondria, leading to beneficial effects on health.

Benefits For The heart

Various active compounds in red wine like polyphenols, quercetin and resveratrol have various cardioprotective properties.

One important conclusion from various studies is that it can lead to slowing down of the progression of atherosclerosis that arises as a result of blockage in the arteries due to fat, cholesterol and plaque.

These compounds help in thinning of the blood, oxidation of the harmful compounds and hence increased blood flow and a healthier heart.

These compounds also help in removing oxidative stress, and help regulate blood pressure thereby decreasing triglyceride accumulation.

In these cases, moderation is key, and excessive intake may lead to more damage than benefits.

Anti-Oxidising Properties

Drinking moderate amounts of red wine leads to approximately 30-35% lesser mortality rate, and greater health as compared to consumption of any other spirit.

It has the least amount of calories, the maximum amount of antioxidants that can help clean the blood and neutralize the effects of free radicals in our system.

A study published in the U.S National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine states that moderate consumption of red wine helps in increasing HDL (high-density lipoprotein), decreasing platelet aggregation.

It thus helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels and boosting overall health. 

Combat Diabetes

Researchers have found that red wine may be beneficial in slowing the passage of glucose through the small intestine and hence to the bloodstream.

This is an obvious benefit to people suffering from type 2 diabetes as this would mean that the wine can become a part of diabetes combating regime when consumed in moderation, as it would help bring down blood sugar levels.

Both red and white wine were tested for this research, with red wine emerging as a clear winner (almost 100% inhibition of the enzymes).

This win can be attributed to the higher content of antioxidants in red wine as compared to white.

Battle Obesity And Weight Gain

Red wine, paired with chocolates or cheese is undoubtedly a healthy combination to be had in moderation.

Research suggests that certain compounds found in grapes and other berries may be able to block an immature or new fat cells growth which will prevent it from turning into a mature fat cell that can accumulate in the body.

It may also be able to alter insulin receptivity, gene expression timing and gene functions during metabolic stages of the fat cells.

This compound is called piceatannol, and it is proven to combat weight gain by preventing mature fat cell formation.

Possibility Of Battling Diseases Like Cancer And Alzheimer’s

A study from Georgetown Medical centre was published on Fox news health which explained that researchers found astonishing capabilities of resveratrol.

It said that the compound appears to repair damaged blood barriers (that allowed blood from the body to enter parts of the brain.) This helped in slowing down cognitive disabilities in many of the patients who were research participants.

The author, Dr Charbel Moussa, who is also the scientific and clinical research director of Medical enter Translational Neurotherapeutics program said that the findings were very exciting, because they showed that  resveratrol engaged the brain in a measurable way and the immune response to the disease, came, from outside the brain.

What the compound did was form a sort of crowd control, and did not let the toxic substances from the body enter the brain. This shows immense potential.

Beauty Benefits

For people who wish to have glowy, clear skin and not show signs of ageing, red wine has antioxidants like flavonoid and tannin which help restore collagen and elastic fibre. It gives a boost to wrinkly skin.

You can either consume it or get a wine facial done. Wine is a great face pack as it can clear your pores and help fight acne by preventing breakouts due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties! When it comes to red vs white wine, there isn’t much difference in sugar content.

White has its own benefits as it is better for the bones, whereas red is proven to have higher resveratrol content.

So, what are you waiting for? You just have to purchase a bottle of a delicious red wine, to boost your health!

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