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How the Benefits of Meditation Can Change the Life Permanently

benefits of meditation

Today I am going to tell you about the secret of my life, which has been changed tremendously by adopting a simple technique called “Meditation”.

I will tell you about the meditation which transformed my life tremendously within a short span of time. And together we will explore the world of meditation where you will find science-based answers to many of your queries related to meditation, like what is meditation, how do I do the meditation, how it changed my life, what are the benefits of meditation and so on.

So, I will start with ‘What is meditation?’.

Meditation is not like sitting with closed eyes and doing some mantra and ‘Jap’. Meditation is not just about concentration; however, concentration is a byproduct of meditation. So, what is actually meditation? Meditation is all about thinking of one object continuously. But the problem comes that what should be the object to meditate.

People say that we should meditate on GOD but if you know the form of GOD, then why you need to do the meditation. So, here people have different ideas about the place upon which one should do the meditation.

You know, our complete life is led by the feelings and the emotions.(Without feelings and emotions, we are dead). Therefore, Heart is only the place from where feelings and emotions come. Also, science has proved that Heart is not only a pumping station but also pot or place that holds all our feelings and emotions. All the beautiful things reside there like love, affection, care, peace and so on. My Master Says “GOD is hidden in yourself, now hide yourself and He will be visible”.

Now, let’s come to the question. What should be the actual object to meditate upon? Yes! You are thinking right that GOD cannot be seen. God can be experienced and felt. So, Here I am asking to you what is the best thing in our body part to feel or experience anything. Just think! Is it Heart? Yes you thought right. Heart is the only part on which we can do the meditate in this modern era to experience GOD.

In science, we do not admit anything theoretically. We first do the experiment and then we prove it- whether it is correct or not. The same thing we do in the meditation. You are the experimenter and your Heart is the laboratory, do the experiment or do the meditation on the Heart and see, does GOD exist there? Do not believe in GOD blindly as I used to believe. So, do the meditation on the Heart, which is the pathway to self-realization and thus to discover GOD.

By now, I have told you that what is meditation and what is the object to meditate upon. And, it’s all about a journey from thinking to feeling.

Now, I will Tell you the basic reasons why you should meditate upon the Heart.

  1. Heart is the single mostimportant body part because, when it stops, we say the body is dead.
  2. All the emotions and feelings reside in the heart. This is the seat of emotions, so when we meditate on the heart, we feel or experience.
  3. Heart purifies the blood and sends to every part of the body. So, when we meditate on the heart, its effect reaches to every cell of the body.

These are the most important reasons for doing the meditation upon the heart. Hence, I do the meditation on the Heart. And that is why, it is called heart-based meditation.

I have been practicing heart-based meditation for last 8 years. It has brought miracles in my life. But now, I do not believe in miracles anymore, because there is nothing in miracles. My life is full of joy. Everything, which was not related to nature, simplicity and purity has left me.

The most beautiful thing is that this miracle happened without any force or hard work. Even I did not try to get rid of them but those things left me alone to be joyful. My Master says “A person is really happy when he is happy in all situations”.

Now, I will tell you the benefits of mediation

You must have read anywhere like 10 benefits of mediation, 20 benefits of mediation or even 100 benefits of meditation. But is it true? Yes! Until and unless you will meditate, you cannot experience it. So, here I will tell you that the benefits of meditation are uncountable. Really! Yes!

When you continue this heart based meditation you will find new benefits on time to time. I also used to think there are few benefits of meditation theoretically but now my idea has completely changed. Really it’s not 1 to 100. Its beyond of benefits. However, I have tried to highlight some important benefits, which may come with in just a few classes.

Cultivate Kindness

Suffering is everywhere- within and outside. So, begin with the closest, i.e. You. Heal yourself first with kindness and compassion that you deserve. It is natural to make mistakes, to feel guilty or shame, people will disappoint you and your expectations will hurt and leave you weak and vulnerable. Remember that being vulnerable is being human. So, instead of being judgmental against yourself or others, try to bring loving compassion and forgiveness. That’s what one of the main tenets of meditation.

Shed the Load

When you are stressed, you will easily lose touch with inner peace, kindness and compassion. On the contrary, when you are relaxed, you can connect, with a clear mind, to a deeper sense of purpose and altruism. So, when you feel that your mind is overworked or stressed, meditation is the best remedy to bring back inner peace and restore a calm and quiet mind.

Let Go of Ego

Ego is a thick wall between what we should do and what actually we do. An ego-dominated mind is worse than being physically blind. Meditation, on the other hand, enables us to see things more clearly. It also helps us witness our thoughts and behavior. Self-reflection will reduce self-centeredness. Thus, by letting go of our ego, we can finally learn to love unconditionally and be concerned about the welfare of all.

Generate Harmlessness

None of us want to cause harm to our loved ones. But we often end up doing so unintentionally, by ignoring someone’s feelings, reaffirming your hopefulness, putting ourselves down, or seeing ourselves as inadequate or unworthy. Learning to let go of all the resentment, shame or guilt that we have been holding on to for a long time, is the first step to generate harmlessness. we can attain this with meditation by recognizing our essential goodness and the preciousness of all life.

Learn to Forgive

Forgiving someone who has caused you harm or suffering is very difficult. But forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and to others. As you sit in meditation, you feel more connected to your inner self. You feel a transformation between who you are now and who you were moments, days or months ago. This is the beginning of the self-love process and that is how forgiveness is awakened.

Appreciate Small Things in Life

What is happiness? It’s not in achieving a higher position at workplace or in earning a lot of money or in winning a competition. These are temporary satisfaction or relief that you get when your hard work is rewarded. Whatever is temporary is not true and come with other negative emotions like greed and wanting for more.

True happiness lies in appreciating small things in life and being grateful for what you already have. This kind of appreciation can be aroused when your mind is calm and free of negative emotions. Sounds difficult? Believe me, this is really possible with meditation.

Control Your Emotions

The benefit of meditation in terms of managing our emotions (both positive and negative) is immense. It teaches us to use and control our emotions constructively. We are emotional beings and hence, it is very natural for us to get lost in the clouds of judgement or feel nervous or angry on various occasions. Meditation helps us deal with these emotions by allowing us to see the difference between what might happen and what is actually happening.

Strengthen Your Focus

One of the greatest benefits of meditation is that it strengthens your focus. It also helps to increase clarity in specific tasks that require patience and concentration. In a nutshell, meditation helps you stay more present in the moment with an increased focus and attention and not get lost in your thoughts.

Keep Up with the Fast Pace of Life

Life has become very fast paced these days. This fast-paced life has made it difficult for us to maintain a healthy balance between work and family. It often becomes overwhelming and life becomes very stressful.  When you learn to calm your mind through meditation, you automatically learn to manage time better. And, this will help you better manage your work life balance while staying focused on your ambitions.

Be Aware and Mindful

Awareness is the ultimate key to awakening.  Enlightenment occurs when you see things as they are. The more aware you are about yourself, the more you understand that all your actions and emotions are hard wired with conditions. If I do this, I will get that or if we do that, this will not happen.

Most of our actions and emotions are the outcome of this kind of thought process where we set a specific condition hoping for a certain result. But, meditation teaches us to be more unconditional in our approach to life.  Just being aware of what is happening without judgement is the key to mindfulness.

The benefits of meditation are innumerable. When you start meditating, keep in mind nothing comes instantly. You will start seeing change after a certain span of time. Meditation benefits not only in lifestyle changes but you will see an overall transformation in your life.

The role of meditation is immense especially in the areas of stress management, mindfulness, focus, anxiety reduction, addiction recovery, creativity, relationship management and even physical health.  Meditation when practiced with patience work wonders in our life.


Mr Messy loves his career and thus has gained a strong foothold in the field of digital marketing. He is compassionate and therefore strongly promotes the ideology of meditation. He is a meditation mentor and voluntarily promotes meditation. He is a passionate reader of science and spirituality and this is the reason he has the most practical fundamentals of leading life.

  • A very informative article on meditation. I never knew that meditation has so many benefits. Thanks for posting.

  • The article is very interesting. It changed my perspective on meditation. Meditation is not just sitting with closed eyes and doing nothing, it’s an exercise of the soul and brain. Thanks for
    Pointing out various benefits of meditation. It was very helpful.

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