Monday, 21 January 2019

Best Online Web Development Course Offerings

The skill of virtually constructing a website is known as Web Development. It involves a series of steps: (1) starting from web designing,(2) followed by the development of web content and scripting and (3) setting configuration for securing the intranet and Internet. If you feel that you possess a passion for becoming a successful web developer, then follow it with full commitment and enthusiasm. Multiple platforms are available to initiate your training. However, you should consider the teaching medium and learning resource that suits you best for getting equipped with the necessary tools. The following sources supply different learning styles to aid prospective web developers in creating innovative web platforms.

A List Apart:

For those who consider reading as the best strategy for learning, A List Apart is an electronic periodical publication. It informs about the basics of web designing and content development right from scratch. It was created by Jeffrey Zeldman in 1997. It comprises of articles on multiple topics, which are related to the basics of coding languages and their widespread application for industrial purposes. Therefore, it can be a good launching pad for amateur web developers.

Coding Dojo Algorithm Platform:

Coding requires certain logical rules to be followed for problem-solving operations, generally known as algorithms. Coding Dojo provides an ideal forum for the young web developers to hone their skills of comprehending and designing the algorithm as required. There are a series of problem-solving exercises available here, which are followed by instructor’s recommendations for the user. This makes it ideal for web developers to sharpen their expertise.


If you consider yourself to be more comfortable with the use of audio-visual aids and self-guided video tutorials, then Codecademy provides all the answers to your queries. Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinskifounded this interactive platform. It provides free coding classes in programming languages. Furthermore, it covers the markup languages too, , including CSS and HTML.

Mozilla Developer Network:

If your motive is to learn the merger of textual content with a visual demonstration, then the platform by Mozilla Team is your key to becoming a web developer. This forum covers topics ranging from the general introduction of front-end codes and back-end language to common vocabulary and optimization.


If you prefer a course designed by university professors for starting your web development training, then this website is for you. It was founded by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. This platform is a gateway for seeing lectures and doing exercises in order to turn into a professional web developer. Coursera offers online courses in a myriad of languages, which include English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Turkish, Russian etc.

Keeping in view the aforementioned platforms, you can turn out to be a prominent web developer of the future. However, it requires training at regular intervals and the selection of a suitable course is essential to determine your progress throughout your training. I would like to wish you all the best for this exciting journey towards learning!

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