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Dating startup Lunch Actually acquires Indonesia’s Setipe

In this modern generation, each and everyone like to choose their life partner by them. Instead of chosen by the parents, today’s adult very eager to choose their better half according to their taste and education. A Few years ago most of them marry their school friends or college friends but in some cases there may chance to tie up with the relatives. In this century, adults are searching their batter half through the network even across the country. Few websites available in that user should create their own profile including their personal expectation about the opposite gender. If anyone interested on them then sends notification or message.

Concerning Setipe

Setipe is one of the biggest online matching services in Indonesia. Let their search engine help the user to find out their life met through the psychology-engineered algorithm. At the same time, it helps to get understand our self better with a comprehensive personality report prepared by the team of certified psychologists. The working professionals who value privacy and confidentiality- comprise the Setipe members. The group claims to have more than a half million members in its combined database and they have arranged more than ninety- three thousand dates still now.

To create an account in Setipe users have to sign up with the Facebook account. It is also available with the faster registration and required only less storage space. It provides us new chat experience and needs to discover the matches feature and we can choose the match we like. It has a better matching system and notification history, here the notification message of whom interested on us. We can go through their profile, if we like then move their relationship to the next level. With the feedback from both people and psychologist team will generate the compatibility report. For the service, the users have to pay through the online.

Append of the Lunch Actually Group and Setipe

In order to make easy of searching life partner, many applications have been created and also leads a successful marriage life. One of the Singapore-based and South East Asia’s largest dating company, Lunch Actually group acquired an Indonesian online dating service Setipe- largest player in Indonesia, but they did not mention the terms of the goal. The Lunch Actually group was founded by the husband and wife team Violet Lim and Jamie Lee, the startup runs Esync, a website for matching. An App called LunchClik for the people together to talk over the meal and also dating consultancy service. Setipe was a good match for the Lunch Actually.

Setipe, positioned as a website for those who search for the serious life partner not for hookups. Setipe sync with what Lunch Actually stands for. Setipe have strong knowledge of local dating culture and top of mind brand recall for Indonesians singles topped with the thirteen years of experience, regional presence and proven dating offering and they are in confident in the growth of the business to the unpredicted level in Indonesia.

In the press release they stated as, since both companies inception, Setipe and Lunch Actually group have been clear about their primary objectives that is to help the serious single to find out the love. Setpie founder Thalib will remain Chief Executive Officer after the Setpie acquire and will also head up in Lunch Actually group’s Indonesian operations. Before the acquisition, the companies have discussed for two years says Lunch Actually’s Lim in the release. In order to integrate with the Lunch Actually, Setipe undergoes certain changes of their ecosystem of services to take advantage of a cross and up selling opportunities depending upon the need.

This collaborative company will serve a growing number of two million singles in Indonesia. Violet Lim, the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Lunch Actually Group shares their future view about the union says they were excited about the opportunities opened up by this acquisition and they are confident that they are then in an even stronger position to serve singles in Indonesia. They are going to accelerate their goal of creating millions happy marriages.

About the Lunch Actually Group

Lunch Actually have a steady growth since its inception in April 2014. Their latest expansion took place last year in Bangkok, after the acquisition of the biggest dating service in the Thailand, MeetNLunch. A seven digit series around of funding from Japanese social networking service and Flatfish Internet Group and the publisher Mixi, a South East Asian and Australian based ventures and development firms, proof for the five hundred per cent revenue growth in the last year.

It is clear that the company rapid rate of expansion, we can judge the company is dedicated to making sure that singles benefit from various platforms. This will ultimately elevate their brand presence in their country.

Launching of App for dating

Lunch Actually Group launched an application to provide dating service for the singles that searching seriously for the partner and added that now a day market was flooded with the flow of applications. Singles can find difficult and frustration while go through the websites like Tinder said, Lim. The other things the men and women use the app in different ways. Lim observes that the males usually ask female for their numbers and on to a chat app such as WhatsApp. So Lim want to create app with the same definitely cleared audience. Some people may like the app and others may hate it. The Lunch Actually Group always ties back to its app based on the fundamental mechanics and the app only make one match per day. It was the original offline match making services, app tries to concentrate on quality over quantity.

The app works based on the question and answer, not on chat system. The questions are send to the other users to put answer, based on the number of the questions and the answers align the compatibility is indicated based on this the users can decide whether they can move to next stage.

Then the app moves    them to offline by a feature called ‘propose a date’ and let the users allow them to choose the options of lunch, happy hour, dessert please and strictly brunch. It also provides service to book native dining and restaurants according to their preference and locations.


Recently, the matchmaking application providing their service very well to the singles who search seriously for their better half. The team of Setipe and the Lunch Actually Group are the best companion to make happy couples. While comparing to this generation marriage life to the few decade couples, divorce case increases gradually. The service of the team may make more happy married couples in the present decades. It may reduce the separation of the couple after marriage it may affect the family members, their child and also the future generation of the country.  There may chance to the couple to get mentally stressed and make them reduce their confident level about life. So now all are going to change with the privacy and confidential service of the match making. Basically, Lunch Actually group provide traditional brick and mortar matching service. However, there is a good response and reach among the singles of Indonesia.

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Anand Rajendran is the CEO and Co-Founder of ZoPlay, a web design and mobile app development company located in India. Datingo is the latest dating app created by his company with tinder clone scripts that allows the users to find their matches who have common interests.

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