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What are the top highlighted new development areas for iOS developers?

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IOS launched with massive collection of powerful features and function not only beneficial for the users but some modification for developers too. After the launch, the developers got the chance to download and test the new version such as MusicKit, ARKit, Vision, PDFKit etc. Let’s look at the latest updates and how they impact your apps

Revamped Appstore

Apple introduced the all new Appstore with the latest update. The store is are redesigned conveniently to allow programmers to display their apps and let customers to discover them easily. Another important innovation is ability to promote the in-app purchase within Appstore. It gives you the opportunity to produce up to 20 purchases and subscription. Another important feature is the enhanced search, making it easy and convenient for you to search easily and your app easy to discover by the targeted audience.


The innovation of this tool was a remarkable entry for the developers. ARKit is a tool that lets you create an AR app for both iPhone and iPad and other Apple devices so that the users can interact with AR in an entire new way. This feature is most popular for gaming, it can be used not only in games but also in other apps like shopping, entertainment, showing virtual demo and much more.

Drag and Drop

This feature is often taken for granted, but it’s one of the expected feature. Users get the ease to quickly move the texts, images, maps, contacts and more from one app to another. They can hold the selected item and move it to other app or they can also select multiple item using Multi-touch.


With the new MusicKit, users can share music with their friends. It even lets the programmer to transfer music files or can create it’s own playlist from music catalog. It allows users to interact and socialize with music and games.

PDF Rendering

This useful feature is present not only in OS X but also in iOS11 too.  This allows the user to move through the PDF document easily, zoom in or out. Apple makes it easy to operate with the PDF document within their apps.


Siri in the new iOS has been given a whole new look with some value added features like translation. The new Siri is a personal assistant that will translate languages from English to Chinese from Chinese to Spanish and all the other different languages. It’s gaining other features such as providing hand free features like leaving a message while driving. This kit should be the priority for the app developers.

Face detection and tracking

The good thing about this feature is that it gives advantage to the developers for image based applications that will be able to detect faces and facial features. The screen lock can detect the user and if the phone recognizes the users then lock would open. The feature also offers adding virtual accessory to someone’s face to match the features.

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