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Do Not Bend the Knee to your EMOTIONAL INVESTMENTS!

emotional investment

Life will not prove its meaning when there are no ups and downs in it. Hoping on to what is running on my mind today is that there are times when you are at your best self and there are times when you are really low. These are just two situations, however life extends far beyond it. One can really cope up well when he or she know that they are at their lowest form.

What I mean to state here is that it is quite easy for one to cope up from situations that are extremes, be it a negative one or a positive. However, at times there are situations that act as a dead end, from where you have no idea to which road we should take.

One such situation is that when you have no idea of how to cope the thing that cause the most wrenching pain in your heart is the state of not being able to get return on emotional investment. Dealing with that is certainly the hardest things one can ever go through as there is nothing much you can do about it (funny!).

The real challenge here lies how to come out of that utter despair.

We all have been there at some point in time or the other. Lucky are those who haven’t been there. One day I was wondering what could be the real cause of emotional despair. Why it is such a difficult thing for us to accept the fact that you are never going to get the returns on your emotional investment?

Feel like emotional entrepreneurs!


As sure as eggs is eggs, entrepreneurship is a as total risky game.

You need to admit that things won’t always be in your favour or the way you want them to be.

All you need to do is to stay put and calm.

Go with the flow!

Go with the flow is certainly the most slack statements ever as it certainly implies that there is no need to try even. When things will just go the way they are supposed to then why should we even work towards them. The answer to this query is that you can only work in positive direction wherein digress from doing something that involves any sort of regression to anyone.

Constructive work is always welcomed wherein if you are upto something that works in a deteriorating way then refrain from doing it.

emotional investments

Refactor your emotions

One of the key factors is understanding the importance of emotional intelligence as it helps you to develop your persona and personality. It helps a human being to create an indelible imprint on the mind of others.

Emotional intelligence is the state of sensing the state of your emotion prior to delving into  that very state.

Alright! these are the things that are makes me irascible. Make a list of things that induces anger to your emotions.

This helps people to actually control the overwhelming feeling or the rush of emotions as once we reach that particular state of emotion it is quite difficult to control our gushing flow of emotions.  For instance, we know that once we get angry we cannot repress that state of anger. However, once you already know that you are about to fall into a deep tunnel of emotional rush you can actually have the ability to subdue the outrage.  

Make your intelligence as a regulating body before it further does any more damage.

Maintaining a equilibrium of your emotions

Be it a positive emotional rush or a negative both are pernicious. You emotional state should be a balanced one, neither extremely happy and sad. You need to understand the fact that heights of every emotion is bad. Excess of everything is bad, so its better to control and regulate your emotions so that the balance is maintained.

Emotional imbalance

One of the things that we humans feel quite strongly about is the returns of our investment. Technically human beings are altogether totally dependent on the returns of investment. Parents raise their kids out of sheer fact that they will take care of them when they will grow old.

This whole life is based on the vicious circle of return of investment. The best thing is that the sooner we realise and overcome this vicious circle the better it will be for our emotional health. Every time we trigger any investment be it emotional or financial we must trigger it with the fact that someday or the other we will get returns of our investment.

All in all, do Not Bend your Knee to your EMOTIONS!

What if we nip the idea of getting emotional returns in the bud?

Doing this will totally root out the idea of getting hurt in the first place.

So whenever we invest we ourselves trigger a vicious circle of pain without gesture. So stop investing in the first place.

This idea is quite inhumane in the first place as we humans always care and bend the knee to our emotions. Our emotions are the one true king of all the kingdoms of our lives. We cannot just curb the rush of emotions in the first place, however we can surely and sincerely regulate it with one controlling body called brain.

I hope this will help!

Stay Strong and remember bending breaks 😉  

In wake of your valuable suggestions 🙂


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