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Education And Personal Achievements Are Interrelated, How?

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Achievement is a reward which one attains after successfully completing a designated task. This achievement can be measured in two forms: abstract or concrete. When we talk about abstract achievement, it basically implies the feeling of satisfaction and happiness which one attains after completion of a task (particularly a difficult one!). Then, when we talk about concrete achievement, it implies the physical items we might have obtained after finishing that task. This might include incentives, gifts, degree or even a certificate! Anything substantial would be counted in it!

Now we are clear about what an achievement can be. Moving ahead, talking about concrete achievements, we come across more sub divisions in this category. There can be Educational achievements as well. However, we fit the Personal achievements in the abstract achievements category. These two categories are often confused, as they overlap (a lot!) with each other.

Educational Achievements

Basically, education can be considered as a journey, which a person undertakes for learning values, skills and knowledge (which are practical for the life ahead). This learning is usually done in colleges, schools and universities – through numerous methods (like group work, assessments, presentations, extra-curricular activities etc). Such knowledge is given to us from numerous fields of life. Thus, it helps us to become jack of all trades.

Once we finish school, we achieve a diploma / certificate ensuring that we have achieved school education. This physical piece of paper becomes a stepping stone, which we use to get enrolled in a good college. We are judged based on the achievements which it says that we have in ourselves.

Personal Achievements

Whenever in school, there was a difficult assignment or project to do – you might have had sleepless nights spent working on it. However, once you might have finished that assignment or project – you must have felt a feeling of satisfaction and pride. After presenting that task to your classmates and teacher, you must have felt more confident as well. All these boosters (happening inside you) are marked as personal achievements. When you have gone through a tough time, you will already know how to cope up with it (in case it comes to you again!). This is called personal achievement, which you feel inside you.

How do they interrelate?

Personal and educational achievements are interrelated deeply as one is developed inside the human being and the other is the proof of that new development. For instance, when one finishes a computer training course, he/she attains competence in it (which obviously lies inside his/her brain) and others cannot visually see that competence from the inside – this would be personal achievement – which only the person knows about (that he/she has it!). On the other hand, others can visually see it, through the certificate which one might get after finishing that computer course – that would be his/her educational achievement. In such a way, one’s personal achievements are directly linked with the educational achievements of life. It is through this relationship that one continues to strive and attain both.

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