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Essential Exercises for an Improved Motorcycle Riding Experience

workout for motorcycle riding experience

The onset of spring marks the beginning of perfect weather conditions to bring out your motorcycles and embrace the endless roads. Motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world look forward to this time of the year, as they can enjoy their ride whilst the cool winds blow against their faces.

There is a long list things that every rider must take care of before starting off on his journey: from checking the basics like air pressure in both tires, the levels of fluids like oil, gas and brake fluid to installing the essential bike accessories. However, it is equally important for riders to ensure that they are in good physical shape, in order to undertake the challenging activity most efficiently. Motorcycle riding requires a great amount of core strength, along with flexibility and attentiveness.

While it is understood that these skills can only be built over a long period of time, it is also essential to maintain them through regular exercise and practice, because motorcycle riding can be quite strenuous for the body. Unlike driving a car or any other vehicle, motorcycle riding requires the use of a large number of muscles of the body in some way or the other, which also means that the physical strain and fatigue endured by the body is quite high. It is because of these very reasons that exercising becomes a crucial aspect of every motorcycle rider’s life, by enabling the rider to maintain and enhance his physical fitness.

Here are a few exercises that you can do in order to prepare your body for the ride:

1) Lunges

Lunges are known to develop and strengthen the muscles in your lower body- which are all under a lot of stress during a motorcycle ride. Along with increasing core strength, lunges are also one of the best exercises for improving balance and coordination of the entire body. This is because lunges require the body to be aligned, and thereafter held, in a very challenging position, which calls for the coordinated working of multiple muscles of the body at once. Many consider lunges to be the best possible form of workout for the body as they target some of the major muscle groups, and are generally considered more beneficial than other exercises.

However, lunges can have an adverse effect on the body- if not performed correctly. It is advisable to watch some fitness videos or follow the guidance of health fitness experts before you start performing lunges, in order to avoid any kind of pain or discomfort to your body. Once you and your body get comfortable with the exercise, you can always increase the frequency and the number of lunges, or even try variations of the same, but as a beginner, one must be extremely careful.

2) Back Squats

Even though the main purpose of doing squats is to stay in shape, there are other benefits which come out of this exercise as well. Squats are responsible for building overall body strength, as well as, increasing flexibility. The increased core strength helps motorcycle riders have a better control over their vehicle, and thereby allows them to navigate and turn with more ease. An added benefit from doing squats is that they improve the body’s posture, which would help you to sit on your motorcycle in the same position for hours on end, without getting cramps or a backache. Since a backache is something that a lot of riders complain about, doing squats can rid you of a lot of trouble and pain.

As in the case of lunges, it is absolutely imperative to do squats by the book, in order to avoid any kind of damage or pain to your body. While most people add weights to the mix as well- in order to help them increase their core strength further, you must remember to increase the weights as and when you advance, and not suddenly.

3) Push-ups


Along with increasing body strength, push-ups are extremely beneficial for your shoulders and your back. From protecting your shoulders and lower back from injuries of any kind to improving your posture- push-ups are considered quite helpful for motorcycle riders.

By building the muscles in your back, pushups enable you to hold your posture on a motorcycle for a long time, without having to complain of a backache afterward. Even though push-ups target a different group of muscles than squats and lunges, most people consider pushups to be slightly harder to do than the other two, since they require some amount of upper body strength, to begin with. However, once you get started, pushups can do wonders for your shoulder, back, and arm muscles, and contribute towards creating an overall improved motorcycling experience.

4) Cardio and Running

No workout is complete without a little stretching and cardio, as they prepare the body for more strenuous exercises- such as the other exercises mentioned on this list. Riding a motorcycle, as well as, preparing for your ride by engaging in workout plans, requires a lot of stamina, and there is no better way of building up your stamina than cardio. Cardio stretches your body, warms it up for other activities and generally allows you to remain fit and active.

These exercises also help to flex your muscles and pump up your body for other, more challenging activities. Therefore, warming up your body beforehand prevents cramps and other similar injuries. It is essential to remember to stretch each and every muscle of the body, as we know that motorcycle riding is an activity that makes use of almost all muscles of the body.

Riding your motorcycle for long hours requires you to be in a good physical condition, so if you overindulged on the yummy Mushroom Potjie during the winters and skipped a week or two at the gym- it’s time that you buck up and get ready to be back in shape. If you are too busy to make it to the gym, worry not because all the exercises on this list can be performed at home with a little guidance.

However, as a motorcycle enthusiast you must strive to remain active and fit at all times as far as possible so that when the time comes to start working out and building your bodily muscles, your body does not give up on you. Poor physical health lifestyle can delay or ruin your plans completely- something that no motorcyclist ever wants because as it is, there are numerous other things that must be taken care of before you decide to embark on any journey.

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