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Family Easter 2018 Holiday Review: London to Marrakech

london to marrakech holiday reviews 2018

Morocco is the land that has at all times been mystical and magical for everybody, the epic sunrise of this land not only attracts you to spend time on yourself but also give you the adequate quantity of self-discovery and self actualization.I have been there for five times and believe you me everytime I discovered something new.. The land of Morocco has 5000 and more churches.

This makes this land one of the most faviourate places for enjoying the sacred Easter Holidays. These churchs are the reason for the advancement of  Morocco tourism during the days of New year Easter and Christmas and summer as well. I fell in the beauty of the land and This is why in 2018 I and my family members of 4 persons calculated to reserve our Easter holidays in the peaceful and blessed atmosphere of Morocco. Our tourism in morocco was the package of delight and contentment for us as we were nearly to depart in the most glorious country in Africa, flying directly from the city of London!

We visited the ancient mosques at first. So after we reached the five start hotel in Morocco we knew that tomorrow we are going to visit the culture of Morocco, which not only contains visiting the church but the royal culture and the Islamic monuments as well! This was the contribution towards my children, I wanted to decide on our things to do in morocco this way the children would have the factual things for their class presentations as well, also they will have something different to tell to their fellows. So it was decided that we are going to visit as many historical places as we can during our stay!


We unambiguously decided to official visit all the Palaces in the city of Marrakech. We start with the Bahia Palace which was the fair home of keeping the beauty of morocco blooming since decades. The beautiful palace embraces the earliest gem of culture and ritual of the Moroccan Royal family. After that we visited the El Badi Palace a tumble-down palace in Marrakesh, Morocco. Story of the palace is stated as that this palace was custom-built by the sultan Ahmad al-Mansur who belonged from the Saadian in 1578.

International Protestant Church

The most wonderful thing is that this church is as peaceful from outside as it is from the inside. This is the main source of the peacetime and bliss that this place give the impression to be so soundless and Father was narrating the prayer, after opening the best day with the wishes and prayer we knew that rest of our tour was going to be amazing

Mosques in Marrakech

Mosques in Marrakech have the stunning textured calligraphic walls and the imaginative views, which no hesitation tells that how flawless thought of the designer was basically. Koutoubia is the MIDDLE of magnetism for most of the vacationer in Marrakech, this epic mosque depicts the rich Islamic history of Morocco.

This mosque has several other names, such as Jami’ al-Kutubiyah, Koutoubia Mosque, Kutubiya Mosque, Kutubiyyin Mosque, and Mosque of the Booksellers. This is the largest mosque in Morocco. After this mosque there comes the Ben Youssef Mosque which is surely the prettiest and the most attractive mosque after Koutoubia, this mosque is named after the Almoravid emir Ali ibn Yusuf. This mosque is assumed to be the old and the most sacred mosques of Muslims in Morocco.

Bazaar in Marrakech

Now when we talk about the Morocco holidays we are talking about spending as well which is why we kept back the last day for shopping and spending the whole day at the old markets in Morocco. The most wonderful market was the Jemaa el-Fnaa which was the central market for all the vital and outmoded belongings in the land of Morocco.

Sprees here seems like the shops in some celebration but this carnival look as if to be here since decades! I bargain for a old-fashioned stuff from Marakrch central market rather than going for the extraordinary brands, these all brands are found in London as well. So I brought the traditional scarf which is the speciality of Marakech female clothing.

Easter 2018 has been the perfect travel partner to me and I hope 2019 easter will bring more joy and happiness in my life. I wish to explore more and more countries and many destinations. Especially in the Europe and Africa. As the article is going to end but I will make sure to comeup with another amazing story for all our readers in the near future. And at last talking to all people who missed these spots during their tour or want to shre some spots that I didn’t eplore. You guys can write below in the comments section to let me know and help our community enjoy more.

Author Bio: Myself Cristiana Teixeira from Ontario, USA. Currently writing for Holidays and looking for challenging tours anywhere around the world. I am a passionate blogger who loves to travel and started traveling few years back in 2013 quitting my overburdened job. Though I have been through many countries from Europe, Africa, and Asia there is still so much to explore. It always feels good to know that my travel ideas are someone’s guide to a particular place. I believe that travel is a global citizen and to keep this belief alive, I am here to share my wonderful travel experiences with you.

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