Sunday, 20 January 2019

Here’s How to Resolve Problems in Email


In the jet era of 21st century when time is the prime factor, we want everything readymade within our grip very fast like, fast food, fast speed, superfast 4g internet connection etc. Among various fast forward services, electronic mail (email) becomes very necessary and most demanded medium of connection.

Along with the numerous benefits of email, users encounter different problems also. Listed below are some common email related problems and solutions to them:

  1. What to do if mails can’t be sent or received?
  • First of all you need to check the internet connection. Connect the device properly with the internet.
  • After that go to your email setting within your email program.
  • Click the log in option and give username and password correctly.
  • Next turn on the unauthentication for outgoing server. It protects the unauthorized users from using your mail to send email account.
  • If you still suffer from the same issue, just delete your account and set it up again.
  1. Steps to be taken if mails can be received but can’t be sent:
  • Check the port number in the advanced of your mail account. And if necessary change it according to the need.
  • If you still struggle with the issue open up the outgoing server settings.
  1. What to do if you can send but can’t receive emails?

If emails can be sent, but you are unable to receive them follow the below stated steps:

  • At first try to send an email to you. If a bounce back message is received, look for the error message to find out the problem.
  • Disk quota issue is the most common cause for not being able to receive emails. If your mailbox is full, you can easily send emails, but you can’t receive any. All emails sent to you will be bounced back to the senders. Most of the emails are stored on the server.
  • So, you need to delete mails from the server. You can simply log in and delete the unnecessary mails from the server.
  1. Steps to be followed if you receive many undelivered emails that you have not sent:

If you receive plenty of undelivered emails that you have not sent, you should understand that your account has been compromised. Immediately you need to login to your account and reset your password. The best you can do is to scan your device.

Your email account may be compromised in differ possible ways:

  • Weak, easy-to-go password.
  • Opening a suspicious looking email.
  • Accessing a corrupted website.

In order to avoid this problem you must choose a strong password for your email account.

  1. What you should do if you get duplicate mails or old mails again?
  • Go to your current mail box and delete any rule that is no longer necessary.
  • If your mail account is set up in more than one device, make sure that each set up is same.

If you face any problem in your email go through the above stated steps and try to follow them properly. But if you are unable to fix the problems yourself consult with the at&t email customer service and follow their guidelines.

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