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How to Be Happy When Everything Goes Wrong

how to be happy

Happiness is the quintessential ‘fuel’ of life and constitutes the sole reason why it does not cease to be amazing – and worth contending with through the dark times that inevitably (as per nature’s design) bore their way into an individual’s psyche. It is the reason why we choose to get up every day, and ‘chase’ the day into its fall (as it were); hoping to perform some action, or contemplate some thought, that results in bringing it within our reach.

With an optimum economy package Internet connection, you can research many online articles as well as other multimedia resources that detail the myriad of ways in which you can attain some happiness in your day-to-day living.

This, incidentally, also happens to be the prime purpose of this particular blog post; to make you cognizant of the various methods that can make you happy (and beat away the blues)within an instant.

But before you go about experimenting with these points, please bear in mind that the pursuit of happiness is a life-long endeavor – and a major portion of it depends solely on your psychological perspective. And for a lot of people, happiness is considered synonymous with contentment; and money may not necessarily (and primarily) factor into this equation.

So without any further ado, we’d like to start off with our first entry:

1. Exercise – and Get those Endorphins Flowing

One of the most instantaneous ways of getting into a relaxed & happy state-of-mind is by indulging in some rapid form of exercising. This could include doing any kind of aerobic activity (such as walking, jogging or running) or resistance training (lifting weights) to get your heart-rate up. Your endorphins, which are the body’s natural ‘feel good’ chemicals, start getting secreted in addition to the pleasure-specific compounds of dopamine and serotonin when you take up any rigorous and sustained physically strenuous endeavor.

By changing your blood chemistry, and pumping it with some literal sunshine, you can change your mood in a veritable heartbeat – no matter how dire your circumstances may be.

2. Walk Out – if Only For a Moment

Sometimes, in order to stay sane and focused (and not utter regrettable things in the heat of the moment), it is a good idea to just walk away from a tense situation. This does not necessarily need to mean taking a complete departure from a stressful issue, but only a temporary respite to get your intellect and emotions in order.

Just a brief stroll around the park or neighborhood, or a casual conversation with a stranger completely uninvolved in the situation at hand, can often do the trick.

According to some accounts, having a scoop of ice cream can also help; while alcohol continues to remain an overall bad option for drowning one’s problems.


3. Put on Your Headphones – and Stream some Tunes

When the world seems to have had its share of ‘kicking’ you around and draining your spirits with its often cruel hand, nothing much beats the sheer power of a good musical track in getting you back on your feet.

Songs not only constitute an artist’s original expressions pertaining to an issue, or his/her commercial intent; but also serve as escape routes for our minds to wander. And when you’re faced with a stressful situation at work, in home, or in the streets, this is exactly the kind of discreet (when headphones are donned) ‘escape’ that you want to indulge in.

Biologically speaking, listening to one’s favorite music is again registered as a pleasurable activity by the brain – which upon the auditory stimulation so achieved, starts secreting the same ‘feel good’ chemicals as it does when a subject is exercising.

4. Eat a Piece of Chocolate Cake

Or any other type of dessert that you fancy. Because there exists good scientific evidence to back up the claim that eating sweet foods has a positive impact on the serotonin/dopamine response of the body.

Dark chocolate, in particular, contains good quantities of the vital mineral zinc, which factors in as a precursor in the 5-HTP production cycle. This intermediary compound is then modified with the addition of other substances by the body to yield serotonin.


But when eating sugary treats like these, just be careful not to start binging on them – and thereby adding to the stress that you may already be dealing with. Because as you might already be aware, gaining a pot belly is no fun to contend with – especially when you chance to look at yourself in the mirror.

5. Take Deep Breaths, Drink Water – and Calm Yourself

If you’re really serious about this whole ‘calming down’ and putting yourself in a ‘happy mood’ business, then you need to build the habit of drinking sips of water and taking deep breaths (using the 10 seconds exhale – 5 seconds pause – 10 seconds inhale method) whenever stress comes to knock on your door.

This technique works wonders…you have to try it!

Mr Messy loves his career and thus has gained a strong foothold in the field of digital marketing. He is compassionate and therefore strongly promotes the ideology of meditation. He is a meditation mentor and voluntarily promotes meditation. He is a passionate reader of science and spirituality and this is the reason he has the most practical fundamentals of leading life.

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