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Why Indecision is Bad for your Health?

indecision is bad for health

Self annihilating nature of confusion is the main reason why it has a deteriorating impact on human brain.

There are several kinds of events that occur in our lives. Some are apparently very great and there are others that might seem quite bad in the first go. The discretion of a sane and sensible person lies in the quality of distinguishing between these two situations.

Credibility of a person lies is their ability to take the right decision when you have infinite number of choices fogging your sense of judgement.

We mock those who do not have a great sense of making decision or those who cannot stick to a decision for long. However, we never delve deeper into the cognitive part of why people flickr after taking a decision.

How can things be so bad, but seem so fine and times things go impeccably right and yet everything seem so wrong. There are several times we regret our decisions and there are also several times when we are proud of our decisions.

The biggest challenge is to figure out the root cause of this problem and how to correct it from the very core.

What is the main cause of confusion?

Is there any way we could help avoid the state of confusion from our lives? What is the prime reason of all the confusion in the head?

Who all are confused ?

Have you ever tried to understand the psychology behind the confusion?

I guess selfish people are the one who stay confused. There sheer selfishness is the reason why they want to give a try to all the options they have and while they decide between their options they are in a state of confusion.

Or we can say that the state when people figure out to find the right or the best option for them are the one who are confused. Other attribute of a confused person can be their sheer selfishness, which somehow determines that the selfish people are more often found to be confused because they try to seek the best option for themselves.

On the flip side people who do not want to hurt others are can sometimes remain in an utmost state of confusion.

The state of confusion is undoubtedly the worst mental state for a human brain.

When you are overwhelmed with sadness, you actually have one kind of thoughts and therefore gives you a possibility to cope up with that. Brain can actually practice the self-motivation and self empathy on a person.

Wherein the biggest threat is the “state of confusion”, where thoughts are so randomised that the brain is unable to find out the right way to console that person. Wherefore, the confusion continues to linger and further passes on its impression to other decisions.

Which brings us to the conclusion that:

Once confused, always confused!

No there can be a way out and there is a way out, all you need to pull yourself through this.

First, step to this can be self actualization and this can be achieved through introspection. First, and foremost realize that you are a confused person and why do you remain confused.

You need to find out the real reasons why you remain confused. You need not to say this to anyone else, just say this to yourself.

Indecision can hamper you neurons

If fretting people helps to get rid of their bad qualities!

Indecision leads to creation of negative energy that creates confusion and chaos in your brain leaving you in a deadlock. It is will all the time stop your to further grow and come out of that loop of thought process.

There are certainly several options that cause a chaotic environment in your head but you need to grow out of all these  in order to emerge out strong. However, you cannot let this thing go unless you yourself decides to take a steady hand.

Sticking to your decision is a bliss

There is no harm in staying taking time to take a decision. In this world of numerous choices picking up the best choice for yourself is not quite easy. Certainly, everyone certainly wants to make the best choice and therefore there will be crest and troughs throughout the course of your final decision.

But the most important thing you need to know is that no matter how many time you move back and forth before taking the final decisions, you got to stand by what you come up as a final concluding decision.

There are several wars that wage towards different people and situations. However, the biggest war that anybody needs to fight is against their own thoughts.

As these conflicting thoughts are created by a single source so it is quite difficult to favor any one of these. This is where you need to be pragmatic and pick out the most optimal options for your decision.

Living life on my terms has helped me to get a lot of experience in many fields. Thankfully, all this eclectic experience helps me to perspire words. Want to tickle every monotonous course of life and turn into an adventurous experience.

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