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Intelligence Development through conventional reading in the modern age

Reading is one of the oldest and most essential ways of absorbing and processing information. For the past couple of centuries, books have been a reliable and most effective source of information with some references weighing more than 20 pounds.

Human literature has thrived under the demand for more information, and has helped in developing mankind’s intellectual traits more than anything else. In the modern age, reading that heavy and huge reference book for the sake of research is extremely counterproductive as most books are now digitized and individuals can now search and skip to the part of the information they are mostly looking for. Books are more easily accessible, making the world more open to new and positive information.

But is this helping us? Has researching become nothing more than skipping the labor work and finding shortcuts? Is technology decreasing our intellectual potential?

Yes, No and No. Technology has just shifted the source of information from paper to a more highly developed and its only helping us grow more and more. Yet there are disadvantages of this growth as much as there are advantages.


Online Libraries and Book Stores

Conventional reading and research techniques have only been reinforced thanks to the introduction of digitized books, which readers can read and not worry about bookmarks or paper quality or any other factor that might be cumbersome or distracting while reading. This has opened new horizons for literature enthusiasts, allowing them to indulge in millions of literary collection from around the world.

Digitized Research Work

A couple of decades ago before the introduction of the internet or fax, for researchers to read related research, they would have had to wait for weeks or even months before certain information. Nowadays, they have to just search it online and read it. Information has now become increasingly e open, making conventional research integrate easily onto this new medium of information.


Video Tutorials

Although information and data is openly available, there are still some who look for a shorter way out of their tasks. The introduction of online video tutorials provides individuals with an option to visually look at some tasks or information without having to read and research that information themselves. Although effective, it is not good for developing individual intelligence due to a lack of focus levels are not the same.

Social Media

Another source of short and summarized information is the social media tools which have made the flow of information although quicker, but highly ineffective when it comes to data retention and processing by humans. The conventional source of newspapers has long been forgotten and has been taken over by blogs and articles.

We as humans have grown as a species thanks to our highly developing technology, and a given percentage has actually been reinforced in terms or conventional reading methods thanks to E-readers and tablets, but we are still suffering from an availability of summarized information, which is causing a major barrier in intelligence growth and development.

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