Sunday, 20 January 2019

The Secret Behind Pushing Yourself

push yourself in life

Trust me on this! I am no Paul Cohle or any motivational speaker for that matter, but yes i am learning from my own experience.

From ne’er-do-well to number one..

From washout to winning…

We have all seen (in movies) and read (in books) the journey of from hero to zero  ..

But i am sure there are a lot of them who get inspired by them (momentarily) and then forget it…

Going through this transition is quite hard compared to what we hear it or see.

She was failure, be it family or friend, job or jogging..

Getting things easily is one of the prime reason why we we take things for granted and this is when you start ruining your life..

And then start raving zindagi ne zindagi bhar gham diye….

By now she realized that you need to sacrifice in everything and without doing so you won’t be able to achieve any kind of satisfaction.

You need to sacrifice your comfort when it comes to performing well in your job, You need to sacrifice you casual attitude your casual attitude when it comes to relationships, You need to constantly be in an evolving mode and learn from your mistakes and rectify them, All in all, you need to earn it and it does not comes granted.

Had your mother been reckless about your meals, will you give her the same love.

Well this competition is the crux of this universe..

The only truth in this life is that you need to compete for every single position in your life be it being an employee, being a  daughter, being a mother, being a girlfriend.

On the of it, the competition is not just at the micro level, it is at the macro level also. You need to compete with your previous day’s self.

However, the hardest part is that we know all this, but no amount of motivation speeches or books can actually change you unless you yourself want to change.

How to get that break through?

I hope you know what i am saying…

The major problem is with those who know what are the problems with them and are even ready to work on them. But somewhere something is stopping them…

What is that?

What is that thing… or feeling or abstract noun that is stopping people to shun their laxing attitude and become winner. And if we suppose, that somehow we are able to find it, then how to keep that attitude with us.

I got that breakthrough, do you want to get it to

People generally fail because of their dilemma. In search of my breakthrough i involved myself into examining and introspection. I examined myself and realised that i am the most confused person on this earth. Eventually, I realised that the most of the people who fail are because of they are confused.

The reason is quite practical – they waste half of their time and energy in making a decision. Alas, then they are also not happy with their decision. So, now i have started not stay confused and be straightforward.

Why do people get confused?

There are people those who want to eat the cake and have it as well. Caution! You cannot do so.

Note down the pros and cons of any decision and then find out the weightage of each.

Then make a decision and stick to it, no matter what repercussions you will have to face afterwards.

Stand by what you decide

It gives you immense clarity and relaxes your brain. This is the first step towards meditation.

Stay clear, stay blessed.

Be it your professional life or personal life, stick to a decision and do not get carried away with the baits offered.

Catch you with more self implicated rules, examination and introspection.

Do share your experience and views with me…

Mr Messy loves his career and thus has gained a strong foothold in the field of digital marketing. He is compassionate and therefore strongly promotes the ideology of meditation. He is a meditation mentor and voluntarily promotes meditation. He is a passionate reader of science and spirituality and this is the reason he has the most practical fundamentals of leading life.