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Tips to Use Auto Correct Feature in Android Phone

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Android platform for mobile app development offers ease of accessibility and features to the users to make their day to day tasks in a simple & easy format. The development professional’s team also offers custom Android app development and other most convenient features so one can access the Smartphone’s in one click & quick way.

Android smartphones provide many shortcuts and extraordinary features so you can play on web easily and can be a part of the digital world. This generation want to be a part of the things which can be done quickly like making calls, messaging, chatting, texting, video calling with additional features. In this order Android has been offered an autocorrect feature that is proved as a lifesaver for the users.

Autocorrect saves you from incorrect and misspelled emails & texts. But autocorrect can also make things adverse by mistyping the spellings in emails & texts. But mostly, it prevents you getting embarrass. But, here we are to help you out and make autocorrect more of a help than creating disasters. Here are the guidelines to take a control on your messaging. Have a look:

Add routine words, abbreviations, code, names etc. in the dictionary

There are some cases like for example Gmail, in which you can add new words directly to the app. The process of adding new words depends on the device, OS and apps you are using. You can take an example, consider you typing a message and something misspelled or overwritten, and then the autocorrect will automatically. You can even hit to the delete button and revert it to the original word you have typed. You can even add, delete or replace the words in dictionary by double tapping on the selected word.

If you are using any app and it doesn’t switch to the menu when you tap or double tap the word then you should move to the settings and add it to the dictionary. When you choose the setting menu, a list of item appears then you have to tap on language menu and then personal dictionary. You can click on plus sign button to add new word to the dictionary. You can also add short cut words too, for example: ‘asap’ for as soon as possible. So it’s really a fun using Android because you don’t have to write each time you use texting.

Illustrate third party keyboards

Using a third party keyboard means you will have to involve different process for adding new words. Apps stopped correcting the words if you use swift key frequently, because most of the apps observe your behavior and respond accordingly. You can add prediction box too, to add words to the dictionary. It appears above the keyword. You can tap and add words from word choice list too.

How to use autocorrect

It’s not mandatory to use autocorrect, but many apps offer this feature in which you can disable it too. Go to the settings then tap on language and use Google keyboard to make corrections.

This way you can write with more accuracy and less trouble. Android smartphones are a treasure of features and autocorrect is one of them. Try it and enjoy.

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