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Top 10 Best Hair Style for Nurses 2018

top 10 best hair style for nurses

Nurses play an important role in the life of a patient. Their primary role is to advocate and care for individual or group of individuals. In order to make a stylish but professional hairstyle, various healthcare specialists work for creative ways to get natural hairstyle for nurses, so that it remains useful and attractive too. Nurses have several things to care at work and hairstyle is one among them. Falling hair at a nurse’s face while caring for a patient, it distresses the image of hygiene and credibility. However, a ponytail is the best hairstyle for nurses but trying ponytail daily can be boring. Fortunately, hairstyle collection is presented to help the nurses with their hairstyle. Keeping that in mind, we hunted down our blog on Top 10 Best Hair Style for Nurses. Below, you will read the 10 most popular hairstyles for nurses.

Top 10 Best Natural Hairstyle for Nurses

French Bun

To get this look, pull the dry hair to the top of your head just like making a high ponytail. Now, rotate the hair upward, with your both hands. Then, with one hand hold the twist created and continue the swirl of the hair to a bun shape. Now, use the bobby pins to secure the bun, then remove a few tendrils at the nape of the neck.

Top Knot

Someday hair litters to work; then a topknot can be the best hairstyle for nurses. It is very simple to create – collect hair into a high ponytail, after this, twist it into a loop and secure it with pins or a hair band. Even hours later, you will still look same.

Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid Braids is a popular hairstyle not only for the kindergarteners but also for the medical professionals. To create this awesome hairstyle, take a comb and create a clean center part of the hair. Later, divide the hair into two braids and now, pull one braid up and repeat the same with another braid too. This can be the best choice of hairstyle for Healthcare professionals.

Pixie cut

This hairstyle was popularised by an English model Twiggy in the 60s. She was originally known with the name Lesley Lawson. This hairstyle for nurses shows a sign of not losing interest in their active profession.

French Braid

This hairstyle can be difficult to create, but with practice, it can be achieved. Firstly, gather the above hair, and split these gathered hairs into three parts, i.e., right, middle and the left. In the end, hold it with an elastic band or ribbon.


Fishtail is a hairstyle for nurses that look attractive. To make this Fishtail braid, you should divide your hair into two sections till the nape of your neck. Then hold both the section, left one with your left hand and the right one with your right hand. Now, take the right section nearby your face and after this, wrench it at the halfway point of the hair, and then, merge it with the lowermost left section. The same steps need to be followed for another section of hair. In the end, you can use a hairband.

Flipped Ponytail

This is an attractive replacement for a simple ponytail. Now, you will be wondering how to create this hairstyle. Let us explain- Firstly, you need to make a loose ponytail and hold it with an elastic band. Secondly, need to pull in your finger in the middle of the ponytail, and hold your ponytail by its end. And then, you can set your hairstyle until you get your desired hairstyle.

Braided Bun

This hairstyle is used to keep the hair secure; it can be used even when you have wildest workdays. You may start with making five equal size braids, which may include three in the back and two in the front. Attach each braid with the help of an elastic band. Now, starting from the back, you may form each braid into a bun and then use bobby pins to pin it. You need to follow the above steps to create a larger bun.


Bob is a classic hairstyle for nurses since the year 1920. It has a hair length till below the shoulders. It starts from above the ears and ends at shoulders. As per nursing assignment help researchers, this hairstyle gives a satisfying and easy style look. To have the best bob for you, you can look for various designs that best suit with your face. You can consult with the hairstyle professionals to choose your bob hairstyle.

Change your part

Shaping your hair plays an important role in looking pretty, but nurses often fail to remember this. Whether you have put your hair down like a ponytail or using a hair band, you may try to part it on the opposite side. It will change your hairstyle, and make colleagues think what has changed from your last day.

In the end, these were the Top 10 Best Hair Style for Nurses. Nurses can choose hairstyle as per their choice which makes them more comfortable.

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