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Top 10 Party Ideas for the Modern Debutante

Top 10 Party Ideas for the Modern Debutante

A debutante party only happens once in a lifetime. As such, it needs to be celebrated the best way possible. Back in the old times, debutante parties are only celebrated by the upper-class society. The celebrant is escorted by her father and presented to the attendees. Then, there’s a cotillion where all the female dancers wear white.

Nowadays, debutante parties are no longer limited to the rich and the famous. Even middle-class ladies get to celebrate their coming-of-age with a more modern and more exciting party. There are plenty of new debutante party themes you can choose from. We’ve gathered our top 10 favorites:

#1. Princess Party

Majority of 18-year-old-to-be want a princess party themed debutante party. They get to wear large ball gowns, tiaras, shimmery shoes, glittery jewelry and princess-like hairdo. It’s the last opportunity where they can relive their childhood dream of becoming a Disney Princess.

Princess-themed parties are also very similar to the traditional debutante celebration. If you want to stay true to the tradition, this may be the perfect option.

#2 The Pop Rock Princess Party

The pop-rock themed party is quite new, and surprisingly, it’s as popular as the princess party. Young women who are musically inclined tend to prefer this cool party theme. Some debutants prefer to wear rock inspired gowns. Others prefer wearing stylish and avant garde getups. Every pop-rock debut party also has rock-inspired party decors and cakes.

#3 Makeup Inspired Party

Teens nowadays love wearing make-up, and that’s probably because of the hundreds to thousands of beauty vloggers and IG influencers. If you’re planning to throw a debutante party and you’re an avid makeup user, hosting a makeup class or party is probably a good fit.

There’s a bunch of things you can do. For example, you can ask for fondant cupcakes that have makeup-inspired toppers. Alternatively, you can hire a pro makeup and hairstylist to grace your event and teach a couple of things about skin care and makeup

#4 Mocktail Party

Mocktail parties are also famous among debutante celebrants. It’s a fun, exciting and cheeky way to celebrate your rite-of-passage most especially if you’re hosting an all-female party.

To make the mocktail party more exciting, you can hire a sexy and entertaining bartender. He can whip up the drink and entertain the ladies when he’s not busy.

#5 Cooking Class Party

Cooking is one of the most essential life skills a young woman should learn. This party theme works well for both cooking and non-cooking debutants. It ideally works for a small and intimate setup. If possible, you should just include your closest of friends and relatives.

You can either hire a seasoned cook to teach you and your guests a couple of kitchen tricks or you can show off your cooking skills instead.

#6 Treasure Hunting Party

If you’re a fan of doing adrenalin pumping and sleuthing activities, you can choose a treasure hunting party theme. Scout a nice venue or coordinate with a party vendor to create the perfect treasure hunting activity for your guests.

Alternatively, you can host a scavenger’s hunting party where the participants find the required items on the list to win the prize.   

#7 Glamping Party

Glamping is quite popular these days. It’s the hippest and most fashionable way to get in touch with nature. If you’re a fan of music festivals or if you’re a sworn boho-chic, you should definitely consider hosting a glamping-inspired debutante party.

You can set up yurts or teepees, build a bonfire and organize some campfire activities like cooking smores and cooking by the fire.

#8 Selfie Queen Party

If you live for taking selfies and creating perfect IG shots, you will love hosting a selfie queen party. It’s highly innovative and you don’t need to shell out a lot of money to organize this type of party.

All you need to do set up a couple of photo booths, create props, and provide nice backdrops. You will also need to bring in IG-worthy snacks and party tokens.

#9 Escape Room Party

Escape room parties are perfect for non-traditional debutants. If you don’t want to spend your 18th birthday all dressed up and you only have a few party guests, you can all go to an escape room to celebrate.

You and your guests will be locked in a room for a certain amount of time. All of you will need to find a way out by solving puzzles or finding missing items.

#10 Netflix Party

Not a huge fan or cotillions or ball gowns? Instead of spending your money on expensive haute couture and HMUA, you can just binge watch on Netflix. Enjoy your 18th birthday sitting on a couch with your girlfriends while you all watch an entire season of Riverdale, Narcos, Orange is the New Black or Stranger Things.

Level up your party by ordering a few boxes of pizza, making batches of finger-licking buffalo wings or indulging on different ice cream flavors.

So how do you plan to celebrate your 18th birthday? Whether you choose to live it up or celebrate at home, it’s important that you understand the real essence of the occasion.


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