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Here Are 10 Security Apps for Your iPhone

best security apps for iPhone

Locking cell phones to protect it from privacy invaders has turned into mere reasons. Nowadays there are bigger problems than this; unwanted-text, spam calls, hacking and many other external issues bewilder users who set on a search to have reliable security apps. Therefore, if your techniques to put passcodes and a finger-locking system has failed you can check the list of security iPhone apps summarized below for some help.

  1. Keeply

It is by far the most interesting app. For all your nosy friends or family this is a perfect thing to have. You do not have to feel scared for keeping secret pictures, pin codes, passwords or any important credentials on your phone. Keeply provides a fake pin code features which you can give it to your friends who when enter it the app will show a page that indicates an empty app and a facedown will appear. The moment that face down appears the app will get instantly closed. In this way, you can trick your friends. Keeply also clicks the picture of whoever tries to invade your phone and end up typing the wrong password.  To learn more about Keeply, check out its reviews:

It locks not only your cellphone but also your every important data, photos, videos and notes.

  1. NordVPN

NordVPN provides online security to its users across all devices. It provides a most secured manner for browsing websites, messaging along with social media content. No matter to which internet connection you are connected nobody can invade your privacy. By having the NordVPN app, your entire online information and activities remains secured with a military-grade-encryption. So, enjoy safe browsing and streaming.Learn more about it from the link below:

Having an unmatchable quality of providing US Netflix access, many users prefer it.

  1. Norton Identity Safe

For saving credentials, Norton is the best app to have. With Norton, you can change your passcodes whenever you want without getting into the trouble of memorizing them. Norton stores all your passwords in a safe file including credit card information. It provides an easy interface with fast connectivity. With Norton, you can even fill important documents and form with the information you have stored in its database.

  1. Best Phone Security Pro

For all the intruders here comes the scariest app. The best Phone Security app rings a loud alarm as someone tries to enter a wrong password. All you have to do is set your desired passcode, pin or patterns and the moment anybody enters a wrong one it rings the bell immediately letting you know about it. You can even set your own alarm tune.A peek at its reviews below:

The app has received a diversified range of comments for customers across the world, where many have found it incredibly useful, while some of them are complaining about its unwanted picture-clicking feature.

  1. Tor Messenger

Tor Messenger- the cross-platform and has easy-to-use graphical interface is a secured chat program that regulates chats data to the main server directly- Tor. The uniqueness of Tor messenger is that it supports a huge variety of transport networks like IRC, Jabber, Facebook chat and Google Talk. Moreover, it provides Off-the-Record messaging through which one can communicate easily. Its interface is seamless and is available in multiple languages.

Tor is considered as the most efficient app for making chatting experience way lot easier.

  1. ProtonMail

The open-source platform provides a proficient manner of securing all your emails. The servers of ProtonMail is located in Switzerland. The server is timely optimized to provide users a better way of protecting their emails and the information they carry. You can use it on any devices, no need to install software. WithProtonMail, you can send and receive your emails as normally as you can with other servers.

  1. Secret Calculator

The smartest app- secret calculator perfectly protects and safeguard your photos and videos behind a calculator icon. For you intruder, it may seem like an ordinary calculator app but in reality, it is your personal storage bank. By putting a password on the app, you can easily secure all your photos in it.

  1. Find my Phone

The best and the most important app for iPhone users- Find my iPhone provides the most reliable means of finding your iPhone. The server detects your phone and tells you exactly where your phone set is at the moment. You can track its entire journey. The built-in app provides professional services for detecting the location of your lost cell phone.

Users from around the globe consider it as a must-have-app. Many have found their lost cellphones within no time from this app.

  1. One Krypto

One Krypto provides encrypted voice communication overall internet connections including 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. The facility of VoIP calls provided by One Krypto helps to establish safe communication with your peers and friends. Though it is not a replacement of usual mobile phone services its core purpose is to provide a completely secure form of establishing communication on calls.

  1. Signal

The signal is a messaging and calling app that provides facilities including group calling, encrypted messaging, and an open source platform to communicate freely. The app maintains its privacy policies and protects your data from any spam. From group icons to messages, calls to every item you share, Signal provides 100% protection, not even the server can access your information.

Due to its tough encryption, Signal has gained many praises from Edward Snowden along with the two security experts Matt Green and Bruce Schneier.

To Wrap Up

There are a number of professional apps in the Apps store. Try to pick the one most suited to your needs. The experts working at iPhone app development company mostly prefer all of these.

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