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Top 5 Best Meditation Apps of 2019

best meditation apps for free 2019

In this life full of hassles and hectic schedules one needs to relax and keep calm in order to face the challenges head on.  When it comes to hectic schedules we know that mobile apps play a major role in hogging our time. So, why not utilize meditation mobile apps to keep you mind calm and cool?

Technology has progressed so much so that it can not only help us in our daily chores but can help us to provide mental peace and tranquility. All we need to do is to explore and make use of it in the best possible way.  In this article I am certainly not going to talk about the benefits of meditation as you all are certainly aware of it that is the reason you are reading this in the first place.

We all know that meditation is a panacea that can help us to overcome things such as anxiety, insomnia, depression and several other things. However, we fail to practice it because of lack of guidance and of the resources available. So, in this case we can utilize meditation apps for beginners that are constantly together with us for 24 hours. The best thing about meditation mobile apps is that they will not only help you through the process, but will also remind you to practice the same.

So, Below are the top 5 meditation apps which I came across

Let’s Meditate: Heartfulness Guided Meditation App

heartfulness best meditation mobile app

Frankly speaking i was allured to use this app because of their amazingly striking description that says ‘mental detox’. In beginning i thought it’s just the fancy words that has allured me to use the app, but as gradually the app started to grew on me as offers amazing set of features.

This app not only guides you to mediate but also gives you a feeling that someone is actually along with you practicing the same. So I would recommend this app to people who need a nudge to do meditation. Both android and iOS users can use this app can take out few minutes to use this app to detox their brain. It is a free meditation app, and one just needs to sit back and follow the audio instructions and has proved to be one of the best meditation apps.

The usability of the Heartfulnes meditation app is main reason why millions of user use this app across 130+ countries to meditate and lead happier life. Using this app users can leverage the benefit of class apart trainers across the globe who have unparalleled skills in helping people to meditate. All in all, it is irrefutably a mental detox.


calm mobile meditation app free

This meditation app is gaining credence in the app world very rapidly. One of the most noteworthy things about this app is that it offers varied features which is useful for everyone. This app is perfect for people who have just begun their meditation and even for those who have been practicing meditation for a while. This app allows the meditators to choose sessions in durations, which is 3 minutes to 25 minutes. It comprises of a wide range of topics for instance happiness, commuting to school,self esteem, gratitude, calming anxiety and several others. These topics allows the meditators to pick one depending on their mood.

It is a free to app and one thing that i really like about this app is that there are no advertisements in it. However, you will find in-app purchases in this app. You can use this app if you have devices with Android 4.1 and above.


headspace mobile meditation app free

This app is famous as there are numerous ad campaigns that run to increase the popularity of this app. After using this i can say this with utmost conviction that the app offers incredible features that work incredibly for people who want to practice mediation in regular basis. As mental health is to be give the topmost priority by all the people, Headspace can be you one stop solution that will help you to cast aside your problems and help you to calm down.

To make the best use of this make sure to put on headphones, and this is my personal recommendation as one needs to very distinctly listen to the sounds. After using this app for a considerable period of time I have realised that it is quite helpful in dealing with stress and also helps to manage anxieties. This is the reason I would want to recommend this app to my readers.

You can download this app without paying a penny and can enjoy this without any obstruction of  ads. On the downside you need to pay some money for in-app purchases to access the advanced features.

Stop Breathe & Think

Stop Breathe & Think meditation app free

Stop Breathe & Think is quite a well put name and as the name suggests the app is curated specially to soothe you mental clutter that is going on in your life.

The app is beautifully made to change the frame of mind as you start to use it.

One different feature that i found about this app is that the app first  finds about your body as well as mind before advising a solution. This helps people to skip things that they do not need indulge anything they do not require.

Learning how to train your mind offers all the imperative features that one would need for meditation. This is an app that helps you to accomplish this feature very well. There are some packs of meditation that are free, moreover there are other additional packs that you need to  purchased.

10% Happier

10-Happier meditation app free

One thing that i like about this is that the makers of this app proclaim it to be the “least annoying” app which ideally one of the prime requisites of a meditation app and they somewhat manage to do it. The app has offers meditation material by Dan Harris who happens to be the bestselling author of New York Times , along with a couple of renowned meditation gurus.

How The Benefits Of Meditation Can Change The Life Permanently

The developers have specifically mentioned that the app is developed for “fidgety skeptics”, which would make up for a majority of the users who don’t know about meditation. This feature makes this app different from its competitors and i thinks this is the only usp of the app.

Moreover, new content is added every month so as to make sure that users stay glued to the app and do not get saturated. The Meditators can filter their meditation by duration depending upon the time they have. You can download this app for free, and has no intrusive ads. Like all the other apps this also has in-app purchases. Users who are using Phones and tablets that run on Android 4.4 and above can use this app.

Final Call!

Science is a boon or bane ? Though a cliched question but a valid one. I have a very cliched answer for it and this is that you need to understand how we can utilize it to the fullest for our benefit as well. There extremely beneficial relaxation apps for anxiety that will help you for your mental detox. So, how do you do the rating of these meditation apps. Did you ever came across such type of mediation app? If you have good experience with such app let us know in the comments.


Mr Messy loves his career and thus has gained a strong foothold in the field of digital marketing. He is compassionate and therefore strongly promotes the ideology of meditation. He is a meditation mentor and voluntarily promotes meditation. He is a passionate reader of science and spirituality and this is the reason he has the most practical fundamentals of leading life.

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