Sunday, 20 January 2019

How to Treat the Team Members at Work Place for Better results

how to treat people

While doing the job in a company every employee needs attentions, help, caring behavior and many other things too. Your employee is not a machine or robot; he needs some break as well as some motivation in his life. If you give your some time to your employee, I believe the results will start coming in a natural way and will further boost your results. Therefore, here today I am telling you some points on how to treat or behave people at a workplace.
From people holding the highest position to an executive, you need to make sure that all your employees are treated well. As it is said every drop in the ocean counts, likewise each and every employee in your organization matters to you.
Give your employees an Opportunity to Grow

The growth of an employee is very much dependent on their respective team leader or boss ‘s hand.

The irony today is that there are some people sitting in the authoritative position do not share their knowledge or learning from their experience which somewhere does not helps their employees to grow. Due to this, there is very less inspiration among the employees. Perhaps this not caring or lax attitude of the leader makes their subordinates thing that they are not interested in their grow. This is one of the prime reason of apathy in the office. As there is no source of inspiration for the employees their personal growth also suffers.

I would like to share one of my experience, I was working in a company and one of my friends who was my Team leader in the company. After that, I thought it may be a good opportunity for me. Nobody discussed with me regarding this point so one of my friends told me to consult on this matter. I tried to reach my boss, but it was a futile attempt. He told me that I need a person who has skills or ability like him (who left the company). I tried to convince him to take my interview to test my skills. All became invent. So this sort real story tells about the people.

My point here is that giving responsibilities instills confidence in employees and helps them to develop the best of their abilities. Moreover, giving mere excuses for not giving responsibilities shatters the confidence. Plus, they need to realize the fact that it takes a lot of courage to take responsibilities.

As every boss was once a subordinated!

Cliched.. but this is the truth. considering this point they should be empathetic to their employees and must be very clear on ways they can use to handle their subordinates.

If you give a big responsibility to a person, he will find unlimited resources within himself or if he fails then he will learn some new things even he will not fail because team leader helps him, supports him from the backend.

Give your time to your Employee

Time is the best medicine to recover from any disease. Do you agree? Right! Also, you cannot recover without medicines. Here I am talking about time which you do not give to your colleagues in the company. Give your time 5 or 10 minutes to your team members. One day you will see that in every situation all employees will favor you.
Moreover, wherever your team member will go he will remember you and give you blessings forever.

And if you earn money with blessings, I believe nothing better than this. And if you earn money with some pain then it becomes a curse because it carries the pain in a home with the money. In this way, people are unsuccessful who earn money with the pain. Those people may be rich but not happy. Life is all about to give happiness to other faces.

Caring! A small Step but Can do Miracles

Caring! A beautiful word which cannot describe it can feel easily. You know every company has few negative people but when a team leader or a boss is filling up with the positive thoughts and he is clear with the vision then the changes comes into those people with the time. When a boss takes care his team members, they started giving more and more. You also heard that when you give more and more you start taking more. Its nature rule and its true. Believe me try to give anything it will increase naturally. Nature returns with the interest. Take care people “HE” will take care you and yours loved one.