Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Welcome the Pandemonious Padmavat!

After all the effigies burning, papers churning , ghommars turning we finally have Padmavat on our theatres.

Though the movie is a historical saga, it has created a history of its own. Perhaps, the rhetorical/ tragical history of this historical saga will become the new telltale for the future grandparents.

One more reason is that by the time I will reach my sixties the stories of thirsty crow will grow obsolete for my grandchildren, because then we would not be living on the blue planet. So, water will be like a fictitious character for children who were born and raised in Mars.

Well our relocation is not a part of this discussion, so I will get back on this later.

Here I would like to share a rough draft of the story I would want to narrate to my grandchildren! Any resemblance to any of the historical king or queens or their fantasies is sheer coincidence. You never know the grandchildren or great-grandchildren of the Fans of this beautiful lady might burn my effigies or conspire to cut my nose.

So, here goes the story…

Once, upon a time there was this beautiful actress who was so supremely beautiful that she could single facedly play all the beautiful women India ever had (Mastanni,  Leela the India Juliet ). But one inauspicious day she signed a movie named P*******I (can’t take the name , dread these Karni fellas).

Rest everything is written in the  platinum letters of Indian history!

With the actress nose being the most sought after element on earth and Bhansali’s cheek the most dammed things on earth.. Padmavat has emerged as one legit saga of rhetorics in Bollywood.

The best thing that happened with all the ban thing is that residents of these cities are planning to fly down to some other cities to watch this movie. Consequently, giving a revenue boost to the tourism industry along with the Bollywood; quintessential example of (एक तीर से 2 निशाने) hitting two birds with one stone.

So if your grandchildren are looking forward to a career in analytics, do not forget to share this story.

Moral of the story : We are messy people and we need reasons to mess around!  

New Messy Mantra : F**K ROTI, KAPDA and MAKAN, jalani hai Bhansali ki dukan 😛

Caveat : Ah ah Ah .. PAL .. No messing with the history all you need to do is to change the real facts.

Now, Bhansali is like jaisi KARNI waisi bharni 😛 😉

So, guys keep messing and do keep posting your messy updates to us to get live on !



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